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Trinoma Rough Looks

Posted: June 12, 2008 in Bad, Grocery, Trinoma, Uncategorized

Saw this guy while having our grocery at Trinoma weeks ago. Grabe, napatingin talaga ako sa kanya. I know, he isn’t really the usual cuties I’ve seen especially since di naman siya maarte and all. In fact, he has that rowdy, unkempt hair look na napapalingon talaga ang mga girls even the pretty ones like me.



Pogi Guy at the Movies

Posted: March 9, 2008 in Movies, QC, Trinoma, Uncategorized

As usual, nasa Trinoma na naman me and Josh last week. Of course diba, kahit kadire ang ground floor, e saving grace naman ang konting kasosyalan that you can experience sa top floor. Kainis nga lang kasi may mga jologs pa rin who make paakyat akyat and smoking their cheap cigarette dun sa smoking area. I know for sure naman na kahit Cafe Americano sa Starbucks e they surely can’t afford.

Tapos as if naman they could afford the movie tickets pa! Kaya nga I don’t want to go there sa Timezone kasi naging lungga na talaga siya ng mga kakainis na emo kids na parang walang ligo. Grabe talaga so kakahiya to be seen there.


Another Cutie at Landmark

Posted: February 4, 2008 in Grocery, Landmark, QC, Trinoma

Saw this cutie again sa grocery with a girl. I don’t want to assume talaga and I hope I am wrong pero girlfriend niya yun. So sad talaga. Anyway, as usual, my parents na naman went to the place for our weekly grocery. Can’t understand talaga why she can’t ask the help to do it for us. Alam niyo na, I made kuwento na before the kabobohans of our maids. Kakainis talaga sila.


Sporty Guy at Trinoma

Posted: December 28, 2007 in QC, Trinoma

Ayun wala na talaga me choice kundi i-embrace ang Trinoma. Kaya weeks ago when I made shopping na for Christmas, around 80% talaga of my gifts are from there. So hirap patalaga to look for the righ gifts for my family and friends. And knowing me, Miss Popular to the max, e diba sobrang dami mga nasa friends list ko (and I am not talking about the jologs Friendster ha!) kaya ayun sobrang laki ng nagastos ko for gifts. After all, di naman stupid and chipipay gifts ang buy ko noh! Ako pa, I am very thoughtful kaya.


Kalbo Cutie at Trinoma

Posted: December 18, 2007 in Kalbo, QC, Trinoma

I saw this Kalbo Cutie at Trinoma last week while making some rush Christmas shopping for our Christmas party the next day. Ayun, I was just in a hurry talaga kasi I really don’t have much time to spare. Most of all, if I did have some time to spare, I wouldn’t want to spend it at Trinoma noh. Tapos, if I had to waste and had to do it at Trinoma, I’ d die if I had to do it sa ground floor where all the masa are just making tambay and all. Besides, did you guys here about that mama who made suicide daw sa mall months ago? Scandalous diba? And so kakatakot talaga kaya after visiting our store to get moolah from my mom, I just made takbo kaagad sa top floor to buy the first nice thing that would pass of as a gift talaga.


Cutie at Trinoma

Posted: December 13, 2007 in QC, Trinoma

Weekend at Trinoma is just so ka-ka. After all, I really hate the place. It’s like a halimaw. Hybrid ba trying to be sosyal and all (see the top floors) pero grabe uber masa to the max ang activity area. Kakagigil talaga when you’re there. People are like trying to make bangga you kahit saan. Or baka, they are just trying to make pasimple harassing me. Hahaha. You’ll never know talaga these days.


Boys at Landmark

Posted: November 19, 2007 in Grocery, Landmark, QC, Trinoma

Grabe talaga last weekend. I mean, ang layo kaya ng Trinoma noh pero may mom wanted to shop and grocery there talaga. Kakaopen lang kasi ng Landmark kaya my mom was just excited to shop there. We usually just buy our grocery from the neighborhood Rustans. Pero ayun, since may bagong place to shop ang mom ko kaya yun she made us dala to that mall kahit sobrang out of way talaga.