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Grabe! I saw this guy kanina sa Startbucks Promenade and I swear, I almost made bilaok talaga in surprise. Promenade pala is at Greenhills just in case di niyo alam. Alam niyo na, it’s kinda a sosy place so not all people know it talaga.



Cutie at Convergys

Posted: December 23, 2006 in Boys, Brains, Coffee, Makati

Cutie at ConvergysPogi Rating: 7/10

I saw this cutie guy while having my own warm cup of coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf last Monday. This guy was just so cute. There were a lot of cuties in the area as well but this one really caught my atenttion.

Before he came to the coffee shop, there were around 3 other guys there who were somewhat an eye-candy. I may be wrong but I even think one of the male baristas was too cute (I’ll post his pic here real soon.) And so, I was just looking at them and hoping I could take a picture of them discreetly.

Anyway, this guy came and stole the scene. He was chinito or perhaps chinese. I have this big thing for Chinese guys. Anyway, he was just so fine. He wasn’t like the other call center guys who frequented the place. I mean, no offense to call center people, but I saw this guy and I saw ambition. He was cute and he really looked corporate dandy. He looked clean and crisp with his jacket and I bet he smelled great, too (*** dirty thoughts***).

He’s so something to drool over as he flipped his latop, his phone, and flashed his killer smile. Too bad though he left in a hurry. I wasn’t able to get a better pic. Well, anyway, there were still other guys in the coffee shop, but none as good as this catch. I love yah!!!