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Another MRT Boy Toy

Posted: October 2, 2008 in MRT, QC

I don’t know talaga ha, pero MRT talaga is so fascinating. I know, it’s a medyo jologs kind of transportation, pero sometimes talaga when you’re sobrang nagmamadali, it helps din naman sometimes to go ala subway with matching outfit diba? Alam niyo naman uso na ang scarf and shawl ngayon so total get-up na talaga ako. Pero wag lang if super rush hour diba kasi sobrang daming jologs and mga workers abound sa loob ng MRT. Eeew talaga all the smell and sweat and the thought of being sexually harassed by a masa is so nightmarish for me. Okay sana if hunky guy or cutie kaya pa-victim na lang me. Hahaha! Joke lang noh, I’m not that kind of girl!