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Pogi sa LRT!

Posted: February 11, 2008 in LRT, Manila, Uncategorized

Grabe! I saw this guy talaga a few weeks ago while I was on the way to DLSU. At first, I was so irritated talaga kasi the LRT was just so sikip and all those jolog guys from some school sa University Belt always made sundot my arms and boobs and all. Worse part pa e I could smell their gross na kilikili talaga so it really made me wanna puke talaga as in!



Semikal Cutie

Posted: February 8, 2007 in Boys, DLSU, La Salle, LRT, Manila

Semikal Cutie

Pogi Rating: 7/10

What I like most about sa Old LRT are the cute guys who are on their way to La Salle. I mean, kahit na siksikan na masyado and super daming mapapanghe na mga people, it’s a sure sight for sore eyes to see cute guys around. Sometimes nga, magkadikit pa kami just like the way na nangyari sa amin ni Green Polo Guy before.

Anyway, he is a Lasallian I swear because I saw him get off the LRT sa Vito Cruz Station. And of course, he is wearing some tacky (pero cute pa rin siya) PE outfit. So ayun, I really like him, and I particularly adore his goatee. It drives me crazy. Can you just imagine kissing really cute guys with goatees. Sigh. I’m really melting na.

MRT/LRT Close-Up Moments

Posted: January 11, 2007 in Boys, LRT, Makati, Manila, MRT

Chinese Guy

Pogi Ranking: 7.5/10

Tisoy Guy

Pogi Ranking: 7.5/10

I saw these 2 cute guys sa LRT on the way to a late dinner with my friends. Grabe talaga, though I had to stand up lang all the way to Robinsons Place Manila, it was just okay for me kasi I was in between these 2 beautiful boys. Too bad nga lang kasi the Tisoy Guy e di masyado pala photogenic so he looks like a commoner lang sa pic. Pero believe me when I say na he is so mestizo with brownish hair and very nice skin. As for the Chinese Guy, he is 100% cutie din. Funny thing is he seems to know that I like him so he smiled back at me a couple of times. Look at his pic oh, he is just so adorable. Mwah!