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Korean Fever

Posted: February 18, 2008 in Foreigners, Korean, Manila, Uncategorized

Hay naku. I know I know some Koreans are so kadire talaga. In fact, I hear about they make sabi na these Korean guys daw hire daw Pinay tutors and all for English. Pero surprise of all suprises e gusto nila mga petite na morena as a teacher. O diba? Where na ang years of experience niyan if hanap nila e mga fresh na fresh pa na local beauties like moi?



Pogi sa LRT!

Posted: February 11, 2008 in LRT, Manila, Uncategorized

Grabe! I saw this guy talaga a few weeks ago while I was on the way to DLSU. At first, I was so irritated talaga kasi the LRT was just so sikip and all those jolog guys from some school sa University Belt always made sundot my arms and boobs and all. Worse part pa e I could smell their gross na kilikili talaga so it really made me wanna puke talaga as in!


Semikal Cutie

Posted: February 8, 2007 in Boys, DLSU, La Salle, LRT, Manila

Semikal Cutie

Pogi Rating: 7/10

What I like most about sa Old LRT are the cute guys who are on their way to La Salle. I mean, kahit na siksikan na masyado and super daming mapapanghe na mga people, it’s a sure sight for sore eyes to see cute guys around. Sometimes nga, magkadikit pa kami just like the way na nangyari sa amin ni Green Polo Guy before.

Anyway, he is a Lasallian I swear because I saw him get off the LRT sa Vito Cruz Station. And of course, he is wearing some tacky (pero cute pa rin siya) PE outfit. So ayun, I really like him, and I particularly adore his goatee. It drives me crazy. Can you just imagine kissing really cute guys with goatees. Sigh. I’m really melting na.

Burger Boy

Posted: January 21, 2007 in Boys, Food, Manila

Burger Boy

Pogi Rating: 7/10

I saw this pretty guy while going to school last week. Mang Dennis asked me to pull-over while on the way back home so he could buy something to eat daw. I thought we would go sa drive-through or something pero to my surprise he opted for Burger Machine. Kakaloka talaga kasi I was hoping we’d go to McDo na lang so I could get some food din. Anyway, to each his own naman diba? So at least di ako na-tempt to eat something past 6 and destroy my diet.Anyway, nakita ko itong Chinese guy na ito who also had some fun eating at the nearest Burger Machine. I will call him Burger Boy kasi grabe siya kumain ha. Pero kahit ganun, cute pa rin siya talaga. I had to make excuse pa to buy mineral water sa kanila so I could take a picture. Pero whatever talaga kasi wala daw silang stocks. Kakainis. Mabuti na lang Burger Boy was there. Busog pa mata ko diba?

Sando Guy

Posted: January 17, 2007 in Boys, Manila

Sando Guy

Pogi Ranking: 7.5/10

This is rather embarassing talaga. I visited my friend at La Salle last Monday kasi daw get-together daw namin ulit. Eh medyo surprising nangyari because this friend of mine invited me to eat at some small carinderia near the school. I mean it was shocking talaga because dati this friend of mine wouldn’t even justify eating kakanin pero now e she invited me to make tambay lang daw at this place.

Turns out cutie pala ang guy na who makes tambay din there. We’re not so sure though if he is also a student or just some trabahador (or anak ng owner). At any rate, cutie talaga siya. So maputi and makinis. Too bad lang di masyado clear ang pics that I was able to get of him. Friend ko kasi kakahiya, she made comment ba naman na why I was taking a snapshot of the guy. Kaya yun, na-obvious kami so we had to leave the place right away. Anyway, cutie talaga siya. Sarap!

MRT/LRT Close-Up Moments

Posted: January 11, 2007 in Boys, LRT, Makati, Manila, MRT

Chinese Guy

Pogi Ranking: 7.5/10

Tisoy Guy

Pogi Ranking: 7.5/10

I saw these 2 cute guys sa LRT on the way to a late dinner with my friends. Grabe talaga, though I had to stand up lang all the way to Robinsons Place Manila, it was just okay for me kasi I was in between these 2 beautiful boys. Too bad nga lang kasi the Tisoy Guy e di masyado pala photogenic so he looks like a commoner lang sa pic. Pero believe me when I say na he is so mestizo with brownish hair and very nice skin. As for the Chinese Guy, he is 100% cutie din. Funny thing is he seems to know that I like him so he smiled back at me a couple of times. Look at his pic oh, he is just so adorable. Mwah!

Flights of Fancy

Posted: January 2, 2007 in Airport, Boys, Davao, Manila, Paranaque

I was in hiatus last New Years Eve because I went to visit my grandma and my other titos and titas somewhere sa province. At first, I was so inis because honestly, what would an urban lass do in the province diba? And besides, I was just starting this blog and had to impress my so-called critics pa. So it was so bad news for me but my mom was just so giddy about it that she did not even ask the rest of the family of her party-pooper plans.

Anyway, when I got there, I was quite amazed. The province is pretty din pala. Wala nga lang masyadong nightlife and bars pero medyo kagalang-galang naman ang mga happenings here and there. Though sometimes I have to be candid na to my cousins even if it is somewhat painful na lalo na if I find something baduy or don’t wanna go with them anymore na. As the song goes diba, I have to be cruel just to be kind.

While there, I saw a lot of OK-na guys but they can’t really make me so ga-ga over my 3-day vacation. Too bad talaga wala akong makunan ng pics for my blog. And worse, I couldn’t even explore talaga because my mom, my grandma, and the titas are just so bulldog. After all, feeling conservative pa sila. What they don’t know about their own daughters won’t hurt them din diba, as the saying goes.

Ayun, saw a lot of cute guys and made picture din. Pero the pics didn’t turn out so great. Something with the sun at the province siguro no? So I decided not to post them na lang and just start the new year right with this clearer pics from the airport. Grabe talaga. Kakaloka. When I arrived there and dami na cuties. Too bad lang kasi low-batt ako. I didn’t expect kasi diba. I mean, I was so unprepared. So I had to turn on my Mac and connect the USB cable just to get some power for my phone.

Yellow Shirt Guy

Pogi Rating: 7/10

Anyway, notice the cute guys I was able to take pictures of. O diba?
Cute na cute talaga. I was even fortunate to talk with that young Chinese guy in a yellow shirt. Siya si Yellow Shirt Guy. He is so bait. Sarap i-kiss ang kanyang porcelain-like skin. Sana you’ll remember me and our conversation. I hope you remember my name because I love you forever in my heart. Hahaha! So baduy, I’d kill myself!

Green Shirt Guy

Pogi Rating: 8/10

Shuttle Hottie

Pogi Rating: 9/10

And there were the Chinese guys din na brothers. Grabe! When they came in sa lounge they really made my day so bright kahit rainy at that time sa province. The guy in the green shirt is brother with that guy sa shuttle (yung parang naka-stand sa MRT and may Treo sa pic ni Green Shirt Guy). The Shuttle Guy is so tisoy and malaki pa ang biceps (I should know katabi ko siya pati sa plane – well, not exactly). Too bad lang kasi I’m taller than him. His brothers are taller pero not as good looking. The third brother is the guy in a brown shirt, tabi ng girl in all-black.

Porter Guy

Pogi Rating: 8/10

Kwela talaga. Pati ba naman porter may looks? So fine talaga. Artistahin ang porter. Didn’t make pansin him though kasi baka ma-obvious na ako ng mom ko. Gave him na lang a big tip. I would have given him my number pero I think it’s so baduy na. Beside my mom knowing about my crush sa porter would be worse than her knowing about The Guy Who Started It All. Hahaha!


Pogi Rating: 7.5/10

There’s also this cutie na rakista near the gate. He was with his friend, or girlfriend. So ayun, I just took a quick pix lang kasi I think the bitch noticed me. Ang pangit niya kasi so she’s so paranoid about other girls who likes her man na prettier than her. Pathetic. Oh well, that’s life….