Hottie at the Train

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Makati, MRT, Tall

Hay grabe! Ang pogi talaga this guy ever! Imagine, sobrang tagal na kaya me nag-stop blogging ever since I broke up with Josh last summer. Pero grabe talaga as in. When I saw this guy earlier, corny man if corny, but he really rocked my world.

Josh and I broke up kasi because he couldn’t handle the stress of being in a relationship with a daughter of a prominent politician. Kaya nun, during the time where my dad and mom made kampanya with his partymates, he felt so OP talaga kaya ayun. As in, I have to do what a girl’s got to do talaga kasi diba? Alangan naman I’ll think of myself lang when obviously Josh doesn’t feel OK sa limelight.

Ako naman chikka lang. Carry ang sosyalan and konting kajologan each time I walk the streets of Metro Manila incognito ala Hollywood Royalty wearing my deep dark shades and dressed-down outfit. Kaya ayun, while making sakay at MRT on the way to Ayala to have late lunch with my family at Damaso, I saw this very hot and hunky guy talaga.

Super! As in. He got off sa Buendia station kaya sayang kasi I wasn’t able to make sabay with him going out the station. Papa-hitch ko sana siya sa sundo ko sa baba ng station. New na pala driver namin FYI. Si Rico na. Younger than yung tangang driver namin dati, pwedeng gawing kabit ng mga matrona, but girl, definitely not my type. Goodness! What would the society pages say?

Anyway going back to this hottie, which I now name as Train Hottie, grabe. He’s like 6 flat tall or something and the arms and the arms and the shoulders. And he looked very regal talaga. He wasn’t wearing the chipipay corporate getup that I always see na suot ng mga kaka Ayala wannabees. He was just wearing this buddy-hugging top and very fit pants na makikita mo talaga ang kanyang tight ass grabe!

And his tindig, super. Very strong. I basically melted grabe. Kaya ayun, I felt sad when he left na. His charisma was just so great talaga na even when nagpapa-Lady Gaga ako in the shadows, I just really had to peek out of my shades just to see him for one last time. Sigh.

Pogi Rating: 9/10

  1. Mark says:

    Sir tagal nyo nang hindi na update blog. Nahuli ba kayo? sayang naman i love this blog sobrang nakaka excite!

  2. Ewan says:

    i agree…

    wala n po bang ibang kuha heheh
    o baka nagibaka na nagtrip… baka boso na ang topic mo…

    share mo nman link mo pls🙂

  3. edith says:

    te gwapo nga…ang sarap😉 naglaway akong sobra😉

  4. pogispotting says:

    Please visit my Twitter account na lang at Some loser bitch kasi got my email account and my blog account suspended. Kainis talaga mga ibang people diyan. If you don’t like my blog then don’t read na lang diba? Bawal ang ugly people na mag-follow ok?


  5. observant says:

    WHY DO I THINK THAT THIS ACCOUNT HAS REALLY BEEN HACKED? After reading everything, it seems that the person blogging in the first few years was genuine and with good command of the english language while the current blogger is superbly fake and pretentious (not to mention, very irritating and annoying). Hahaha :)) Oh well, God bless you🙂

  6. whatever says:

    December 2006- March 2007 were okay. Beyond that, chaka na!

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