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Korean Fever

Posted: February 18, 2008 in Foreigners, Korean, Manila, Uncategorized

Hay naku. I know I know some Koreans are so kadire talaga. In fact, I hear about they make sabi na these Korean guys daw hire daw Pinay tutors and all for English. Pero surprise of all suprises e gusto nila mga petite na morena as a teacher. O diba? Where na ang years of experience niyan if hanap nila e mga fresh na fresh pa na local beauties like moi?



White Pogi

Posted: February 13, 2007 in Foreigners, Glorietta, Makati

White Pogi

Pogi Rating: 8/10

Oh, he is absolutely POGI! This cute white guy I saw at Glorietta 4 facade has the right amount of tallness and Caucasian features good enough to make my heart skip a beat. He does not have too much pink blotches that can make any decent girl puke. He smells great too! Anyway, I heard him talk and I just find his accent so sexy. I wish all boys talk that way and I bet the world will be a whole lot more beautiful. Anyway, his friends were also cuties, but White Pogi just really stole the limelight. He has such nice eyes. Sigh!

PBCom Hunk

Posted: January 23, 2007 in Boys, Foreigners, Makati, Tall, Workers

PBCom Hunk

Pogi Rating: 7.5/10

I saw this Chinese- slash Korean-looking hunk while I was going down the elevator at PBCom kanina. Katabi ko siya sa car! Grabeh! I almost fainted!

Paseo Guys

Posted: January 20, 2007 in Boys, Celebrities, Famous, Foreigners, Makati, Tall, Workers

I went to Paseo Center somewhere sa Paseo Roxas (of course diba?) to meet-up with my cousin before heading to Greenbelt for shopping. While I was there, I had some smoothies and a lot of hotties to kill time. Grabe, dami talaga. I just didn’t make habol na lang all those eye-candies that I saw otherwise mapapagod lang ako.

Vince Hizon

Pogi Ranking: 8.5/10

I first saw Vince Hizon while I was there. Honestly, I don’t like the kuya type but since pogi talaga siya, I really had to include him here. After all, basketball stars are a major turn-on.

Here are the other cutie guys I saw. I don’t have much to say about them because I was just clicking my cam lang while I was there. What do you think?

    Blue Polo Guy: Probably the best smile ever!

Blue Polo Guy

Pogi Ranking: 7/10

    Blonde Cutie – Goodlooking pero mayabang kasi he kept on complaining sa friend niya na girl about the gay guys daw who makes pa-cute sa kanya at the office….

Blonde Cutie

Pogi Ranking: 7.5/10

    Small Wonder – Very goodlooking kaya lang he is smaller than me. Pero who cares diba? He’s got the tisoy looks that is really to die for!

Small Wonder

Pogi Ranking: 7.5/10

White and White Polo Guy

Posted: January 5, 2007 in Boys, Foreigners, Glorietta, Makati

White Guy

Pogi Rating: 7/10

I saw this White Guy right sa pagbaba namin ng mom ko ng car sa Glorietta early this afternoon. He was just chilling and looked awfully cute. I bet he’s staying at Oakwood. The only bad thing is he’s kinda mature na. I’m really just into teen boys until yung may pa-kuya effect of late 20s. At any rate, hottie pa rin siya. He could make use of the gym though to make himself more sexually appealling. Hahaha! Bagay din naman sa kanya e….

White Polo Guy

Pogi Rating: 7/10

Then there’s this White Polo Guy. Too bad though I couldn’t get a good shot of him kasi my mom was there and she was just so bilis maglakad. I had to make pa-arte pa just to be able to click my camera. Anyway, though this guy looks so stressed out, he looks uber cute talaga in a very Pinoy kind of way. Nowadays puro Whites, Tisoy, or any half-blood lang ang considered na goodlooking. Good thing guys like this one exist to prove that pure Filipinos have the looks din.

Cutie American Asshole

Posted: January 3, 2007 in Bad, Boys, Foreigners, Makati, Ministop, Tall

Cutie American Asshole

Pogi Rating: 8/10

In the wake of Daniel Smith, here’s another gwapo American (or French, or British, or Canadian) walking amongst us here in Manila, but unfortunately he has an attitude problem. Anyway, I know na he’s American because of his accent. He doesn’t sound like he is talking through his nose or with that sexy Hugh Grant twang.

While at Ministop buying my favorite C2 Apple, I saw this hunky caucasian with his lesser blessed friend. I was so ga-ga sana with his oozing sex appeal until he began to open his mouth. Daming bad words. So turn off. Worse, he made harass pa the other girls in the area. Well, they are pokpokish naman talaga, pero grabe, can’t control talaga siya. Indecent proposal siya while I was there. Buti na lang he didn’t come into me. Not that I’d make pakipot so much pero diba? I am not pokpokish, not like that girl his ugly friend is making landi with….