Cutie at Trinoma

Posted: December 13, 2007 in QC, Trinoma

Weekend at Trinoma is just so ka-ka. After all, I really hate the place. It’s like a halimaw. Hybrid ba trying to be sosyal and all (see the top floors) pero grabe uber masa to the max ang activity area. Kakagigil talaga when you’re there. People are like trying to make bangga you kahit saan. Or baka, they are just trying to make pasimple harassing me. Hahaha. You’ll never know talaga these days.

Anyway, I saw this cutie na naman with her (grrrr) gf sa Trinoma. Hay naku, no comment na lang me sa gf ni cutie. Let’s focus on him na lang to save time and space. Cutie niya diba? And the way sila sa picture tingnan ay aba medyo may pagkaselosa ata si gf kasi may pa leech-effect pa talaga ang kapit. Kaw ba naman may cutie na boyfriend like him, right? Ayaw mo rin mawalan ng trophy. Hahaha. Needless to say…. ay wag na, baka mapaaway na naman ako.

As I was saying, cutie niya talaga and all. I’m not so sure if it was just my imagination, pero he was also making titig and eye contact at me that time. Hay naku, kainis talaga. How can I make titig back and eye contact dikit diba if mas madikit pa ang gf niya sa isang fly tape. Kaya yun, didn’t want to make a scene because my mom and dad would never approve, diba? Baka masira pa request ko na car for Christmas.

Pogi Rating: 7/10

Like duh, sacrificing a big chance to get my own wheels over a guy? No brainer talaga, noh! I know I am so making pa cute lang landi in this blog pero in real life hay naku, you’ll never know na I am the person behind this kikay blog. It is not I am kikay or I don’t have a right sense of beauty. It is just achiever kaya ako and I am very serious and all.

Pero yun nga, seriously, type ko siya. Guys like him make that Trinoma mall bearable talaga. If only may way na bigla na lang me mag-apparate to the sosyal stores at the upper level than having to pass by the masa area. Eew talaga. Yeah, may elevator nga and carpark sa taas and all, pero no idea kasi kayo why I have to keep on visiting the ground floor e. Basta, ayun, cutie siya. Needless to say, cutie din ako! O diba?

  1. shir says:

    achiever of what???

  2. katie says:

    for someone who’s acting and trying to be oh so conyo, you seem to ride the jeepney a lot!

  3. Alkexe says:

    looks like dominic roco

  4. wei vines says:

    hehe.. i like this one… 😀 hahahaha!

  5. bubblybula says:

    he looks familiar kaso medyo panga lang nakikita ko kaya inde ko maisip

  6. Rob says:


  7. Ilusyunada says:

    kakainlab naman siya! 9/10 for me! lakas ng dating!

  8. lukaret says:

    Hmm. Indifferent with this one, it’s only the profile I see of him. What if he’s fugly as his girlfriend in front face?

  9. pogispotting says:

    oyeah im so like bading talaga huhuhuh…

  10. le meera says:

    God. I love your taglish. It’s so funny to the point I think you’re making fun of it. 🙂

  11. PepotSaluyot says:

    Funny…If you look at the sign on his shirt I swear it says “Maarte Pants” which describes him to a Tee. har har har

  12. PepotSaluyot says:

    Let me rephrase that: Maarte Pants, Sey Mo?

    (Maarte pants, anong say mo? hehehe)

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