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O diba sosyal? Honestly, I went shopping with him last weekend. Taray diba? Haha. Honestly, I don’t know his name, pero I’ve seen his pics talaga and all sa mga magazines. I even saw him minsan sa TV. I’m just not good with names e lalo na with all these Pinoy talents kuno. It’s not as if I read Hi! magazine diba na parang katulong.


Korean Fever

Posted: February 18, 2008 in Foreigners, Korean, Manila, Uncategorized

Hay naku. I know I know some Koreans are so kadire talaga. In fact, I hear about they make sabi na these Korean guys daw hire daw Pinay tutors and all for English. Pero surprise of all suprises e gusto nila mga petite na morena as a teacher. O diba? Where na ang years of experience niyan if hanap nila e mga fresh na fresh pa na local beauties like moi?


Pogi sa LRT!

Posted: February 11, 2008 in LRT, Manila, Uncategorized

Grabe! I saw this guy talaga a few weeks ago while I was on the way to DLSU. At first, I was so irritated talaga kasi the LRT was just so sikip and all those jolog guys from some school sa University Belt always made sundot my arms and boobs and all. Worse part pa e I could smell their gross na kilikili talaga so it really made me wanna puke talaga as in!


Another Cutie at Landmark

Posted: February 4, 2008 in Grocery, Landmark, QC, Trinoma

Saw this cutie again sa grocery with a girl. I don’t want to assume talaga and I hope I am wrong pero girlfriend niya yun. So sad talaga. Anyway, as usual, my parents na naman went to the place for our weekly grocery. Can’t understand talaga why she can’t ask the help to do it for us. Alam niyo na, I made kuwento na before the kabobohans of our maids. Kakainis talaga sila.