Tall, Dark

Posted: January 27, 2007 in Boys, Mandaluyong, MRT, Tall

Tall, Dark

Pogi Rating: 6.5/10

I saw this guy while we were riding at the MRT yesterday on the way to the Shang. I know he is not photogenic pero in person talaga he is tall, dark, and, well, handsome. Pardon the cliche pero oozing talaga sex appeal niya and honestly he is tall ha! It is so hard to find attractive tall guys here in Manila kaya nga even if he isn’t the usual tisoy or chinito who always make my heart skip a beat, I am including him in this blog. Cutie, smile more often, please!

  1. dog says:

    did he pose for you?

  2. cess says:

    same question.
    Did he posoe for you?
    Or sadyang nakatingin lang siya sa way mo?
    Or baka naman nahuli ka nia ;D

  3. kitch says:

    i know this guy heheheheh 😀 he lives in my village hahahahah.

  4. constructiveCritisicm says:

    do you know what cliche means? where is the safe answer in that. oh youre not just a stalker.youre also damn stupid.open your books before taking pics.:D

  5. enzo says:

    omg he is my classmate in DLSU

  6. ino says:

    si marshmallow yan ah! hehehe

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