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Posted: January 8, 2007 in Boys, Glorietta, Makati, Tall

Lalaking NationalPogi Ranking: 7/10

Brainy guys are such a turn-on. In fact, geeks may be eew for American culture but here in the Philippines, having a Physics book in your hand can defeat an illiterate Brad or a brainblank Tom anytime. So seeing this cute guy who is definitely my age reading a book at National Bookstore, Glorietta just made me really swoon.

Yeah I know that he’s not really into quantum theory kasi fiction lang tinitingnan niya, pero what really got my attention is because he actually read the jacket. I know some guys who only base the merit of a book based on purely graphical illustrations. But siya, hindi, which really made me notice him crouching over the bookshelves and all.

Anyway, yeah, he might not be buying it for himself but for other people (hopefully not his girlfriend). But thena again, it only means he has good taste. Mwah!

  1. dog says:

    why not post a bigger picture? this blog is becoming useless without a bigger picture.

  2. joan says:

    STOLEN nga e. Ano gusto mong gawin niya? Mag-ask ng permission? Tanga!

  3. jerk says:

    kilala ko yan. kapitbahay namin yan. he is str8 guy

  4. shygirl says:

    hindi naman book yan binabasa niya eh. magasin yan!

  5. ... says:

    its a book. what you see is the picture of the author at the back of the jacket of the book. hardbound books have those types of jackets with the picture of the author at the back. have you seen a hardbound book, dearie?

  6. dog says:

    tanga, e if ‘she’ is a really sosyal, she owns a phone capable of taking pics in the megapixels.

    i’m not saying to get closeups, all i’m saying is post pictures that are bigger in resolution and size. geddit? bobo.

  7. tantan says:

    actually, these much smaller unzoomable pics give mystery and therefore more fans to all these pogis.. i think.. wahaha

  8. miisz`jellie says:

    Are you serious? Do you even know what the definition of cute / pogi is? LOL. (:

  9. UP Diliman Com Sci grad says:

    This is unbelievable! I know a lot of guys look like me but this is not purely coincidence. I know my own facial features (singkit, di sobrang tangos ng ilong, light tan complexion) even my built (though I became a bit chubby in the past months). I cannot recall the outfit I was wearing (though I have the black maong pants still). I cannot remember the author of the book on the picture but what convinced me that the guy in the picture was “me” is:

    He was in front of the novels written by my favorite author, Sidney Sheldon (and statistically speaking, only a few guys are into reading longs novels, which are typical to most introverts, who are 25% of the entire global population, and introverts differ in their favorite books, as well). Probably, I came from MRT Ayala station, and decided to drop by the old National book store branch in Glorietta before I go home. You saw him crouching around the bookshelves? That is still my habit every time I look around books in the library or book stores. Quantum physics? We had physics on our second year. I was distracted by other things during college like how light particles/energy create our reality and the “vibrations” whether negative or positive, do affect our reality – as in, the link of the observer to the observed? That we ourselves create our own dependent reality?

    This really surprised me but I can tell, 90% – this WAS me. Hahaha 🙂 ((Note: 90%, I’d like to ask for more details about the picture, like if there was a bag with me while I was browsing or any distinguishing marks or behavior, before I can declare 100% that it was indeed me, if not, then, I’m still happy ‘coz this reminded me of my college days.))

    I’m flattered, really. I don’t think of myself as “pogi” because I know in our Filipino culture about the varying standards of beauty but I daresay I am a geek and you CANNOT contest that.

    Thanks because this brought memories of the simple college life I used to have before. Madaya lang because I didn’t and still don’t care much about people lurking around so I don’t have any idea about who took this photo. Rest assured, I am behaving “normally” so next time this happens, I know I am not doing something weird.

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