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MRT Chinito

Posted: March 21, 2009 in Chinito, MRT, QC, Uncategorized

Grabe! Saw this cutie naman at the MRT last Friday. Grabe talaga. As in let me repeat, grabe. He was wearing this very cute and flattering pinkish attire which I believe is just so bagay on him. Parang ako, so bagay with him!



7-Eleven Pogi

Posted: December 30, 2008 in 7-Eleven, QC

Grabe talaga! I dropped by a 7-Eleven branch kasi somewhere sa Cubao kasi I felt so thirsty talaga last weekend. And guess what? Super talaga, I saw this very pogi employee dun. Of course, I won’t make kwento where talaga in Cubao kasi secret ko lang yun diba. Para siyang restaurant na I will never ever share to anyone. Akin lan g siya kasi. Haha!


Another MRT Boy Toy

Posted: October 2, 2008 in MRT, QC

I don’t know talaga ha, pero MRT talaga is so fascinating. I know, it’s a medyo jologs kind of transportation, pero sometimes talaga when you’re sobrang nagmamadali, it helps din naman sometimes to go ala subway with matching outfit diba? Alam niyo naman uso na ang scarf and shawl ngayon so total get-up na talaga ako. Pero wag lang if super rush hour diba kasi sobrang daming jologs and mga workers abound sa loob ng MRT. Eeew talaga all the smell and sweat and the thought of being sexually harassed by a masa is so nightmarish for me. Okay sana if hunky guy or cutie kaya pa-victim na lang me. Hahaha! Joke lang noh, I’m not that kind of girl!


Krispy Boy

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Food, QC, Uncategorized

I saw this guy around a month ago na pero got really busy lang talaga kaya I never got to update my blog and post him and all talaga for the world to see. If you don’t know kasi, there’s so many events talaga that happened sa June like weddings ng mga titas and some friends dito sa village.


MRT Cutie

Posted: April 30, 2008 in MRT, QC, Uniform

I saw this cutie sa MRT last week. Wala lang, I find him cute talaga. I know he isn’t supermodel hot, the likes who always make me yaya to dates and parties, pero I don’t know ha. The uniform really turns me on. And in fairness, mabango siya. I detect a touch of Giorgio talaga siya kanyang full-white ensemble. He made dikit kasi to me inside the MRT. Pasimpleng manyak talaga si soon-to-be-captain. Kakaloka!


Hot Summer Boy

Posted: April 4, 2008 in QC

Hay naku. So hot na talaga the summer ha! Kaya I just hated it when we had to drop by my tita’s place somewhere sa back of the beyond ng QC. Grabe talaga. Felt so probinsiya. Grabe talaga my mom, she could always tell my aunt naman to meet us somewhere malimig. Pero ayun, miss niya na kasi daw and all kaya we made the detour pa talaga.


Pogi Guy at the Movies

Posted: March 9, 2008 in Movies, QC, Trinoma, Uncategorized

As usual, nasa Trinoma na naman me and Josh last week. Of course diba, kahit kadire ang ground floor, e saving grace naman ang konting kasosyalan that you can experience sa top floor. Kainis nga lang kasi may mga jologs pa rin who make paakyat akyat and smoking their cheap cigarette dun sa smoking area. I know for sure naman na kahit Cafe Americano sa Starbucks e they surely can’t afford.

Tapos as if naman they could afford the movie tickets pa! Kaya nga I don’t want to go there sa Timezone kasi naging lungga na talaga siya ng mga kakainis na emo kids na parang walang ligo. Grabe talaga so kakahiya to be seen there.