MRT Chinito

Posted: March 21, 2009 in Chinito, MRT, QC, Uncategorized

Grabe! Saw this cutie naman at the MRT last Friday. Grabe talaga. As in let me repeat, grabe. He was wearing this very cute and flattering pinkish attire which I believe is just so bagay on him. Parang ako, so bagay with him!

O diba? Just look at those sad puppy eyes! Di ka ba maluha-luha in admiration. Grabe talaga. Pero the best thing talaga which made my day great yesterday e he smiled when he saw me looking at him.

Pogi Rating: 8.5/10

Honestly, I thought I was huli na. So kahiya pa naman diba for a guy to notice na some girl is taking pictures of him secretly di ba? As if artista siya like my close friend Dingdong na so okay lang for him if I take a snapshot kasi that is so natural lang between him and me.

Pero anyway, turns out, he did not know. Of course naman diba? Who would expect such a sweet and innocent-looking girl like me would make this so gaga and desperate moves dahil lang sa isang cute guy diba? Of course, I am not kawala kaya like most collegialas that I know. Excuse me, may breeding kaya ako!

Anyway too bad so siksikan that time so I did get inside the next train with him. Alam mo naman sa MRT, if siksikan daming mga taong who take opportunities sa mga girls like me. So even if I know for sure na me and MRT Chinito likes each other e I didn’t take the risk talaga of having eww type of mamas standing next to me diba and gitgitan galore pa. So ayun, I waited for the next train na lang. Hope I’ll see him again next time!

  1. mimi says:

    he’s so just wondrin wat cam ur using..

  2. mimi says:

    damn…ganyan mga type ko ..anung station yan? hahaha

  3. gerzie says:

    dear, prove ko na na ghey ka. kung talagang girlaloo ka, bakit never kang sumakay sa first train ng mrt?

    don’t worry. i think malakas ang radar mo sa mga ghey. booking ka na!

    teka, ghey, top ka ba or bottom?

  4. huh? says:

    kaw pasosyal diyan e.. wala ka bang ride??? puro ka public transport e.. yuck! social climber.. bading pa..

  5. tahong says:

    awesome comment huh!

  6. yoursososyalnot says:

    pretty thick skinned, ei?

    this is what you should do, ok?

    next time, post pictures of the guys you spotted and just indicate where and when you saw them. don’t include any texts other than those so you don’t get slammed. we’re here for the pictures and not YOUR fairytale and uber romanticized version of the story.

    you don’t fool anyone with your fake English. reading your blog feels like watching WWE, we know its fake but we’re after the action anywway. ACTION=BOYS

    why am i wasting my time doing this? hahaha.

  7. ClimberKiller says:

    You’re using a 3110 nokia phone to take pictures.
    Why not buy a decent SE phone?
    (You’re too poor to own one anyway) =P

  8. Neil says:

    lol you’re so up yourself.

  9. ako yan ah , you stole my picture. you don’t have the right to publish it. hey sino ka bang herodes ka na nagkakalat ng picture ko , gay ka ba?

  10. chupalapica says:

    social climber, e? nakakaawa ka. sobra. niloloko mo lang sarili mo. majority ng posts mo dito naka public transpo ka lang tapos feeling mo ang yaman yaman mo. LOSER.

  11. oscar solis says:

    mga pogi ba yan ?

  12. fuckubitch says:

    .tangina pogiiiiiii…..u like that type..awtzzz feeling rich c abay pota ka..

  13. locah says:

    pogi b yan ??? naco potek mga bulag !! e muca nmang janitor ean e .. tae

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