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Okay, Okay!

Posted: December 30, 2006 in Alert, Uncategorized

I received a lot of feedback that my so-called bois are not so fine at all. I’d just like to tell ya all that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just wait for 2007! Feast your eyes on my blog and eat your heart out!!!


Binondo Hottie

Posted: December 26, 2006 in Boys, Food, Manila, Uncategorized

Binondo Hottie

Pogi Rating: 6/10

It’s Christmas season and like any other cheapskate here in Manila, my mom dragged me all over Divisoria to find the cheapest yet cutest gift in town. I really hated it. The place was just so gaga and it smelled really bad. I don’t want to put down a lot of people but why would you make siksik in this place just for a few pesos to save?

I really hated it and I tried my best to knock some sense into my mother. I mean, why not just buy something at Rustan’s right? Or if she wanted something cheap, there’s the usual Greenhills or Tiendesitas, like those 2 weren’t cheap enough.

Anyway, what only saved me from insanity is this boy toy that I saw eating with his family inside an unforgiveable Chinese resto in Binondo. I really didn’t want to get inside when my mom suggested that the family eat na right away. I wanted to wait for an actual meal when we get back to civilization but she’s just so famished.

So I can’t do anything but get inside. Anyway, we got inside and a few seconds later after I sat down, I was already busog! I saw this cutie guy and I was just kilig. I mean, he wasn’t really a hunk and all. He is indeed chubby but trust me when I say that this picture does not do him any justice at all. He is so maputi and makinis. He reminds me of my ex though but the way he bonded with his rents made me so sure that he isn’t an asshole like Marco (I wonder what happened to this jerk anyway?).

Anyway, I didn’t eat at all. Though this guy saved me from an afternoon of hell and yucky foods, it wasn’t excuse enough to eat whatever it is they were selling in the resto. I just wished though that there were more cute guys in the area, but I don’t know where they are. Perhaps they’re all at the mall or something, escaping a madhouse such as what I have been through.

Cutie at Convergys

Posted: December 23, 2006 in Boys, Brains, Coffee, Makati

Cutie at ConvergysPogi Rating: 7/10

I saw this cutie guy while having my own warm cup of coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf last Monday. This guy was just so cute. There were a lot of cuties in the area as well but this one really caught my atenttion.

Before he came to the coffee shop, there were around 3 other guys there who were somewhat an eye-candy. I may be wrong but I even think one of the male baristas was too cute (I’ll post his pic here real soon.) And so, I was just looking at them and hoping I could take a picture of them discreetly.

Anyway, this guy came and stole the scene. He was chinito or perhaps chinese. I have this big thing for Chinese guys. Anyway, he was just so fine. He wasn’t like the other call center guys who frequented the place. I mean, no offense to call center people, but I saw this guy and I saw ambition. He was cute and he really looked corporate dandy. He looked clean and crisp with his jacket and I bet he smelled great, too (*** dirty thoughts***).

He’s so something to drool over as he flipped his latop, his phone, and flashed his killer smile. Too bad though he left in a hurry. I wasn’t able to get a better pic. Well, anyway, there were still other guys in the coffee shop, but none as good as this catch. I love yah!!!

The Guy Who Started It All

Posted: December 18, 2006 in Boys, Holy, Jeep, Paranaque

The Guy Who Started It AllPogi Rating: 7.5/10I don’t usually ride the jeep. But last week, Thursday, December 14, 2006, I had to take a jeepney with my friends somewhere at West Service Road near Bicutan because no taxi cab would take us to where we wanted to go. We were supposed to go to this private party a friend of ours was holding. She’s gonna make alis na kasi for Europe for good with the entire family. If it weren’t for the fact that it was uber boring sa bahay, my friends and I wouldn’t have come. After all, walang driver available at that day for us to use and none of us are permitted to drive pa. Tapos she only texted us about this mini farewall bash past 8 na so we weren’t actually ready or crazy to travel this far.

Anyway, that’s where I saw this qt. At first, you’d instantly notice his mestizo looks and very angelic face. Sooner or later you’d find out that this boy’s beauty is not only skin deep. In addition, kahit na the situation isn’t actually romantic, he is actually a very nice guy in person, well, perhaps to a fault. While inside the jeepney, he was handing over to the other passengers a religious booklet of some kind for us to read and reflect on. At first, I was shocked because I didn’t see him as the begging type who would later put on a show for a few pesos. Anyway, thank God, he is not like that at all. He just wanted us to read, after which, he merely got back to his own business and talked to his less-attractive friend. You are such a turn-on!!!

Kakaloka talaga kasi diba why would I fall gaga over some born again guy kahit cute siya? It’s a good thing my friends didn’t notice otherwise excom na nila talaga ako. It was really a trip worth remembering for all of us. I don’t know if I’ll ever ride a jeepney ever again!