Kalbo Cutie at Trinoma

Posted: December 18, 2007 in Kalbo, QC, Trinoma

I saw this Kalbo Cutie at Trinoma last week while making some rush Christmas shopping for our Christmas party the next day. Ayun, I was just in a hurry talaga kasi I really don’t have much time to spare. Most of all, if I did have some time to spare, I wouldn’t want to spend it at Trinoma noh. Tapos, if I had to waste and had to do it at Trinoma, I’ d die if I had to do it sa ground floor where all the masa are just making tambay and all. Besides, did you guys here about that mama who made suicide daw sa mall months ago? Scandalous diba? And so kakatakot talaga kaya after visiting our store to get moolah from my mom, I just made takbo kaagad sa top floor to buy the first nice thing that would pass of as a gift talaga.

Pogi Rating: 7/10

Kaya ayun, the funny thing was that when I was at the escalator na, I saw this cutie talaga making rampa there. I mean, he isn’t the model-modelan types na nakaget-up kuno and feeling David Beckham ang galaw (tapos naka ukay-ukay lang pala – yuck!). He was just very laid back pero very very as in very manly and dating. Add mo pa the kalbo thingy and grabe nagpupulsate talaga ang estrogen level ko and all those hormones that indicate attraction.

Sayang nga lang talaga kasi I couldn’t really make lapit. First of all, I was making madali talaga. Di ba obvious naman na I was rushing pero kahit ganun I still caught sight of this Kalbo dude so alam mo talaga how strong his sex appeal talaga.

Second, di me makalapit for a close-up shot kasi I was already on the escalator kaya. Imagine naman if I had to go down just for a pic or worse make talon from the moving escalator diba? How scandalous that would be for me lalon na I was wearing a skirt pa man din that time. Besides, ayoko naman ma obvious ni cutie because he did see me go up the stairs. I couldn’t really make pa simple anymore going down and going near him for a pic. Haha. That would be so kakahiya!

Anyway, sayang nga. Sana I could get close to him and wrap him as a present for myself. So huggable talaga even from afar. Eek talaga grabe. You’re what I want for Christmas talaga!

  1. asjdas says:

    “Besides, did you guys here about that mama who made suicide daw sa mall months ago?”

    Honey, we didnt HERE that. 🙂

  2. shir says:

    hahaha!!!here??what’s wrong with being poor?hindi naman kasalanan maging poor..well you should learn to have manners and of course study your english

  3. Stiff says:

    Hahaha SOCIAL CLIMBER ka

  4. Ilusyunada says:

    he’s cute kahit malayo kuha mo : 7.5/10

  5. Fuck u! says:

    Fuck you. . .hindi naman nya kasalanan na mahirap cya ah i bet u can’t even buy a shirt from robinson. . .social climber na baklang paniki pa jologs mo gagu ka. . .

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