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Yuppie Cutie

Posted: January 11, 2007 in Boys, Jeep, Makati

Yuppie Cutie

Pogi Ranking: 7/10

I saw this guy on the way to my mom’s office earlier kanina. I had to get something kasi for school. Medyo mainit yung sun kaya kakainis talaga na wala na naman yung driver. Of course, feel bad na naman ako that I have to ride the jeepney on the way there. Kasi naman e, ang hard kaya mag ride ng jeepney at that area. You have to make lusot pa sa bridge. Anyway, I saw this cutie guy na medyo yuppie na ang dating. I forgot where he was going kasi medyo na amaze na talaga ako sa cute face niya. Sigh. Ang dami pala cute sa area ng mom ko. Next time ask niya ako to drop by, pupunta talaga ako for sure. Pero next time, may car na, para di naman ako sweaty tingnan in front of all the boys. Hahaha!


Shopwise Cutie

Posted: January 6, 2007 in Boys, Jeep, Makati

Shopwise Cutie

Pogi Ranking: 9/10

Let’s face it. This guy has a face that could launch a thousand ships. Hahaha. I saw him after my dad and I did our groceries at Shopwise Pasong Tamo. It was so out of way, we were nearer Rustan’s but since my dad wanted a special recipe found only in Shopwise, we had to go to this part of Makati pa.

Anyway, as what I expected, there were no cuties in Shopwise. After all, the place wasn’t really attractive itself din. But when we were already in the car and as my dad made liko in the gas station, I couldn’t believe kung ano ang nakikita ko! I mean, there he was, the prettiest face I have ever seen for this year. Of course, I just had to take some pictures so wala akong care if my dad would notice me or not. Good thing is that this guy has no bad angles so any side I took, the pictures came out really fine. I just like him so much. So artistahin. I hope I’ll see you again and I hope it’s gonna be real soon!

The Guy Who Started It All

Posted: December 18, 2006 in Boys, Holy, Jeep, Paranaque

The Guy Who Started It AllPogi Rating: 7.5/10I don’t usually ride the jeep. But last week, Thursday, December 14, 2006, I had to take a jeepney with my friends somewhere at West Service Road near Bicutan because no taxi cab would take us to where we wanted to go. We were supposed to go to this private party a friend of ours was holding. She’s gonna make alis na kasi for Europe for good with the entire family. If it weren’t for the fact that it was uber boring sa bahay, my friends and I wouldn’t have come. After all, walang driver available at that day for us to use and none of us are permitted to drive pa. Tapos she only texted us about this mini farewall bash past 8 na so we weren’t actually ready or crazy to travel this far.

Anyway, that’s where I saw this qt. At first, you’d instantly notice his mestizo looks and very angelic face. Sooner or later you’d find out that this boy’s beauty is not only skin deep. In addition, kahit na the situation isn’t actually romantic, he is actually a very nice guy in person, well, perhaps to a fault. While inside the jeepney, he was handing over to the other passengers a religious booklet of some kind for us to read and reflect on. At first, I was shocked because I didn’t see him as the begging type who would later put on a show for a few pesos. Anyway, thank God, he is not like that at all. He just wanted us to read, after which, he merely got back to his own business and talked to his less-attractive friend. You are such a turn-on!!!

Kakaloka talaga kasi diba why would I fall gaga over some born again guy kahit cute siya? It’s a good thing my friends didn’t notice otherwise excom na nila talaga ako. It was really a trip worth remembering for all of us. I don’t know if I’ll ever ride a jeepney ever again!