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MRT Chinito

Posted: March 21, 2009 in Chinito, MRT, QC, Uncategorized

Grabe! Saw this cutie naman at the MRT last Friday. Grabe talaga. As in let me repeat, grabe. He was wearing this very cute and flattering pinkish attire which I believe is just so bagay on him. Parang ako, so bagay with him!



Grabe! I saw this guy kanina sa Startbucks Promenade and I swear, I almost made bilaok talaga in surprise. Promenade pala is at Greenhills just in case di niyo alam. Alam niyo na, it’s kinda a sosy place so not all people know it talaga.


Cutie Sleepyhead

Posted: November 2, 2008 in MRT, Uncategorized

I saw this guy one time while I was riding the MRT. Grabe talaga. At first I was irritated kasi he did not let me take his seat. I was so tired kasi going up the stairs sa station because I really had to make madali. Taking a cab was no longer an option for me at that time. In fact, I couldn’t even wait for manong anymore to pick me up.


Krispy Boy

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Food, QC, Uncategorized

I saw this guy around a month ago na pero got really busy lang talaga kaya I never got to update my blog and post him and all talaga for the world to see. If you don’t know kasi, there’s so many events talaga that happened sa June like weddings ng mga titas and some friends dito sa village.


Trinoma Rough Looks

Posted: June 12, 2008 in Bad, Grocery, Trinoma, Uncategorized

Saw this guy while having our grocery at Trinoma weeks ago. Grabe, napatingin talaga ako sa kanya. I know, he isn’t really the usual cuties I’ve seen especially since di naman siya maarte and all. In fact, he has that rowdy, unkempt hair look na napapalingon talaga ang mga girls even the pretty ones like me.


Garbeh talaga! Had a date with Andrei Felix around 2 weeks ago. He was such a cutie talaga. Well honestly, it wasn’t really a date. More of a group date thing. Nandun din kasi si Josh so you know. Whatevs talaga. We were there sa Hed Kandi thing sa A-Venue. So jologs talaga the place and kaya dami rin mga jologs who were there making posing sa pathetic na tarp na may logos. Like so feeling model talaga, especially the girl my Andrei was with. Kakainis!


Pogi Guy at the Movies

Posted: March 9, 2008 in Movies, QC, Trinoma, Uncategorized

As usual, nasa Trinoma na naman me and Josh last week. Of course diba, kahit kadire ang ground floor, e saving grace naman ang konting kasosyalan that you can experience sa top floor. Kainis nga lang kasi may mga jologs pa rin who make paakyat akyat and smoking their cheap cigarette dun sa smoking area. I know for sure naman na kahit Cafe Americano sa Starbucks e they surely can’t afford.

Tapos as if naman they could afford the movie tickets pa! Kaya nga I don’t want to go there sa Timezone kasi naging lungga na talaga siya ng mga kakainis na emo kids na parang walang ligo. Grabe talaga so kakahiya to be seen there.