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MRT Cutie

Posted: April 30, 2008 in MRT, QC, Uniform

I saw this cutie sa MRT last week. Wala lang, I find him cute talaga. I know he isn’t supermodel hot, the likes who always make me yaya to dates and parties, pero I don’t know ha. The uniform really turns me on. And in fairness, mabango siya. I detect a touch of Giorgio talaga siya kanyang full-white ensemble. He made dikit kasi to me inside the MRT. Pasimpleng manyak talaga si soon-to-be-captain. Kakaloka!



Mercury Hottie

Posted: April 13, 2008 in Glorietta, Makati

Grabe talaga to I swear. When I saw him at Mercury Drug Glorietta, I just had to make dikit even though I knew for sure that it was his mom at his tabi that time. Grabe. Just look at how adorable he is talaga. He has the right height, right eyes, right lips, right hair, right everything.


Hot Summer Boy

Posted: April 4, 2008 in QC

Hay naku. So hot na talaga the summer ha! Kaya I just hated it when we had to drop by my tita’s place somewhere sa back of the beyond ng QC. Grabe talaga. Felt so probinsiya. Grabe talaga my mom, she could always tell my aunt naman to meet us somewhere malimig. Pero ayun, miss niya na kasi daw and all kaya we made the detour pa talaga.