Boys at Landmark

Posted: November 19, 2007 in Grocery, Landmark, QC, Trinoma

Grabe talaga last weekend. I mean, ang layo kaya ng Trinoma noh pero may mom wanted to shop and grocery there talaga. Kakaopen lang kasi ng Landmark kaya my mom was just excited to shop there. We usually just buy our grocery from the neighborhood Rustans. Pero ayun, since may bagong place to shop ang mom ko kaya yun she made us dala to that mall kahit sobrang out of way talaga.

Yeah, yeah, we could always just our katulongs to do the grocery for us. Pero grabe talaga sila. Ambobo talaga promise. Kahit ba may list of ka of nice things to buy e they always foul things up. Grabe.

Tapos we ended up placing the actual brands sa list e mali mali pa rin. I just don’t know what food they eat sa provinces ha pero ang slow slow lang talaga ng comprehension ng mga katulongs namin. For example, I wanted cheese, e of course I would place some Swiss or French brands diba para sosyal. Pero grabe, they still buy Kraft na may hotdog bits.

Economical daw sabi nila. Kainis talaga. How jologs can you get?

Pogi Rating: 7.5/10

While I was there, I saw this guy in a red shirt walking all over the place. Honestly, he isn’t really the cool type of guy for me lang ha. Pero ayun, kahit hindi siya maporma and all, he still caught my eye. Now, can you just imagine if he did? As what I always say, the body and style can be developed. But the face, well, mahal magpa-Vicky Belo! Hahaha! So ayun, I still find him cute nonetheless.

Anyway, when I was there nga at the Landmark grocery, dami naman ako nakitang mga cutie pie. Kaya kahit masakit ang aking feet kasi sino ba naman daw ang mag heels diba sa Landmark, e natuwa pa rin me kahit papano. Si mom kasi, tinago ang main agenda why we went out for the weekend kaya ayun I wore the wrong outfit. Pero needless to say, pretty pa rin me!

Pogi Rating: 8/10

Finally, I saw this cutie chinito guy while my mom was paying. Grabe talaga, he kept on looking at me. Pati nga dad niya napatawa kasi ang mata ni Cutie Guy can’t just resist looking at my delicious body. Hahaha! Sana nga lang hindi the same ang thoughts ni daddy niya. That would be so kadire and inappropriate diba? Pero who knows, like father like son.

  1. badiday says:


  2. Ilusyunada says:

    the red guy 7.5/10

    the chinito guy na nakagreen, parang kahawig siya ng konti ni mark anthony fernandez which is pantasya ko kaya 9.5/10 para sa kanya!

  3. moneycka says:

    8 for the guy in green

  4. Jay says:

    You made my day! I can’t get over the “Kraft cheese na may hotdog bits”. Is there really such a thing? Pero in fairness, mukhang masarap.

  5. inkjet says:

    hmmm, note of advice, not every guy you happen to have eye contact with is actually into you. for all you know you’re wearing something funny, or well, secretly laughing at you coz of your ugly ass of a face.
    get a life and stop taking picture of random guys coz it’s pathetic and stalker-ish.
    and please.. PLEASE.. do something bout your english, it’s really annoying. i’m embarrassed for you

  6. reyut says:

    the guy in green… his so POGI!!! hahaha i’ve tasted him already.. his quite delicious so to speak ;D well.. his not your ordinary super hero.. but, his quite good in anything, especially on the one that you desireeeee most… hehehe anyways… DOCTOR soon to be.. hehehe

  7. yuri says:

    haha..kraft with hotdog bits..??lol

  8. NINJA says:

    the chinito with green shirt..hmm..familiar xa..hihi 🙂 9/10..haha! lakas!

  9. mark says:

    The blog owner obviously is a pathetic conyo-wannabe. 🙂 Walang conyo ang magfoflaunt ng brands na kinakain, sinusuot at lugar na pinupuntahan if it’s not the topic sentence of the blog. This is for random pictures of random men, right? So why bash the common people when they have their own lives while you have yours?

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