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Hottie at the Train

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Makati, MRT, Tall

Hay grabe! Ang pogi talaga this guy ever! Imagine, sobrang tagal na kaya me nag-stop blogging ever since I broke up with Josh last summer. Pero grabe talaga as in. When I saw this guy earlier, corny man if corny, but he really rocked my world.

Boys at McDo

Posted: May 8, 2008 in Food, Makati

Gosh talaga. Ang dami talagang pogi sa McDo. I mean, yeah, nandun ang ex ko sa mga murals nila pero who cares diba? I mean, a poster is a poster, pero nothing beats talaga the real thing.

Grabe, when I saw these 2 guys last week sa McDo, napapa-ummm talaga ako sa sarap. Para silang Big Mac talaga grabe sarap kagatin.


Mercury Hottie

Posted: April 13, 2008 in Glorietta, Makati

Grabe talaga to I swear. When I saw him at Mercury Drug Glorietta, I just had to make dikit even though I knew for sure that it was his mom at his tabi that time. Grabe. Just look at how adorable he is talaga. He has the right height, right eyes, right lips, right hair, right everything.


Garbeh talaga! Had a date with Andrei Felix around 2 weeks ago. He was such a cutie talaga. Well honestly, it wasn’t really a date. More of a group date thing. Nandun din kasi si Josh so you know. Whatevs talaga. We were there sa Hed Kandi thing sa A-Venue. So jologs talaga the place and kaya dami rin mga jologs who were there making posing sa pathetic na tarp na may logos. Like so feeling model talaga, especially the girl my Andrei was with. Kakainis!


KFC Cutie

Posted: March 17, 2008 in Food, Makati

Saw this cutie at KFC while I was there ordering my friends last week. Grabe talaga. We were all so gutom and all pero when he came in, lahat talaga kami parang nabusog in an instant. Just like what they say, mata pa lang ulam na. Hmmm… what’s for dessert kaya? Hahaha!


Can I Take You Out?

Posted: March 2, 2008 in Food, Makati, Uncategorized

Grabe talaga. Nothing makes a trip to McDo better than seeing cutie guys like this one prepare your food for you. Grabe. When I saw him and he made dilat his cutie eyes at me, I really just wanted to let go of my conservative self and ask him out. Or at least his number lang talaga sa we could text. Text lang. Text lang naman. Masama ba if mahilig akong makipag-text diba with strangers?


Hunk at Citiland

Posted: January 20, 2008 in Cityland, Hunk, Makati

Grabe talaga! Nakasabay ko ang hunk na ito (yung naka-orange ha!)  last week while visiting my classmate sa Citiland. Grabe talaga yang jologs na building na yan. I mean, it’s super dirty and all talaga pero nakakasurprise talaga each time na I’m there.

I always meet someone cute, someone interesting, someone pogi. This time though eh medyo lucky me talaga kasi hunk na hunk talaga ang nakasabay ko elevator!