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7-Eleven Pogi

Posted: December 30, 2008 in 7-Eleven, QC

Grabe talaga! I dropped by a 7-Eleven branch kasi somewhere sa Cubao kasi I felt so thirsty talaga last weekend. And guess what? Super talaga, I saw this very pogi employee dun. Of course, I won’t make kwento where talaga in Cubao kasi secret ko lang yun diba. Para siyang restaurant na I will never ever share to anyone. Akin lan g siya kasi. Haha!



Energy Boy

Posted: January 11, 2007 in 7-Eleven, Bad, Mandaluyong

Energy Guy

Pogi Ranking: 8/10

I saw this handsome tisoy guy at 7-Eleven yesterday. Let’s make tawag him na lang Energy Boy because I believe he was looking for a good energy drink to buy. When he made pasok sa store, I really noticed him kaagad along with my friends. After all, he was really manly. The way he walked and looked over some stuff really exuded testosterone. Umph talaga. I really had to buy a C2 apple myself just to have an excuse to make picture his so-handsome face. I know na hindi siya makinis and all pero i think that is his strength talaga. Hindi bagay for him to have a porcelain-like face. He is, what most romance novels would describe as, a ruggedly handsome guy. Medyo matangkad pa siya ha. Kakaturn-on talaga. Oh well, snobbish nga lang. I don’t think he is Pinoy though. Any thoughts, anyone?