Semikal Cutie

Posted: February 8, 2007 in Boys, DLSU, La Salle, LRT, Manila

Semikal Cutie

Pogi Rating: 7/10

What I like most about sa Old LRT are the cute guys who are on their way to La Salle. I mean, kahit na siksikan na masyado and super daming mapapanghe na mga people, it’s a sure sight for sore eyes to see cute guys around. Sometimes nga, magkadikit pa kami just like the way na nangyari sa amin ni Green Polo Guy before.

Anyway, he is a Lasallian I swear because I saw him get off the LRT sa Vito Cruz Station. And of course, he is wearing some tacky (pero cute pa rin siya) PE outfit. So ayun, I really like him, and I particularly adore his goatee. It drives me crazy. Can you just imagine kissing really cute guys with goatees. Sigh. I’m really melting na.

  1. nes says:

    grabeh ha yan na ba gwapo sayo.. ampangit.. mukang retarded

  2. somebody from DLSU says:

    darling, that’s no dlsu P.E. shirt. 😮

  3. locah says:

    SHIVACKER ????? is dat you ?????

  4. Maritina says:

    haha that guy and the guy beside him caught you taking the photo!

  5. PepotSaluyot says:

    Our drive looks cuter than this guy…LMAO

  6. PepotSaluyot says:

    I mean “driver”

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