Shopwise Cutie

Posted: January 6, 2007 in Boys, Jeep, Makati

Shopwise Cutie

Pogi Ranking: 9/10

Let’s face it. This guy has a face that could launch a thousand ships. Hahaha. I saw him after my dad and I did our groceries at Shopwise Pasong Tamo. It was so out of way, we were nearer Rustan’s but since my dad wanted a special recipe found only in Shopwise, we had to go to this part of Makati pa.

Anyway, as what I expected, there were no cuties in Shopwise. After all, the place wasn’t really attractive itself din. But when we were already in the car and as my dad made liko in the gas station, I couldn’t believe kung ano ang nakikita ko! I mean, there he was, the prettiest face I have ever seen for this year. Of course, I just had to take some pictures so wala akong care if my dad would notice me or not. Good thing is that this guy has no bad angles so any side I took, the pictures came out really fine. I just like him so much. So artistahin. I hope I’ll see you again and I hope it’s gonna be real soon!

  1. nix says:

    duh… he’s not that cute.. LOLz… kung sino ung hindi naman tlgang cute un ung bingyan mo ng mataas na score.hahaha… XP

    take a look of his pic again. hindi tlga.bwahahaha….

    marunong ka ba tlgang tmingin? 😀

  2. miisz`jellie says:

    Not Cute. What an upset. haha. 😛

  3. jaydee says:

    i know this guy! gwaping talaga to…he’s half-Filipino & half-Iranian. he’s married and he does modelling too. bait pa sobra.

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