Cutie Sleepyhead

Posted: November 2, 2008 in MRT, Uncategorized

I saw this guy one time while I was riding the MRT. Grabe talaga. At first I was irritated kasi he did not let me take his seat. I was so tired kasi going up the stairs sa station because I really had to make madali. Taking a cab was no longer an option for me at that time. In fact, I couldn’t even wait for manong anymore to pick me up.

Pogi Rating: 8/10

But anyway, later on, I recognized na cutie pala siya. Alam mo naman me, lagi ako may soft spot sa heart ko for beautiful beings kaya yun, I said it’s okay na lang though masakit na talaga legs ko. I later found out na he’s asleep pala which made him look even cuter talaga. Kawawa talaga siya tingnan in a cutie way. I know, I know, he doesn’t look sosyal and all, pero that’s exactly the point diba? He doesn’t need an A|X or CK (or F&H for all the poor trying-hards out there) to make porma and look cutie. He is so dressed down and sweaty even pero he caught my eye talaga.
Anyway, too bad he was so sound asleep when I got off my station minutes after. Good thing about him sleeping though kasi it was so easy to take his pics na. Oh well, until next time. You know you love me. XOXO… Ria!

  1. nyerks says:

    so meaning baka nga lalake ka. ikaw ba naman, (with all your pagmamalaking maganda ka) e hindi pinaupo sa mrt? gosh! that’s like so kawawa.

  2. Galit sa poser says:

    Kala ko ba mayaman ka w/ a high society status? Bat ka nag e MRT? Bakla ka na poser ka pa

  3. huh? says:

    kaw pasosyal diyan e.. wala ka bang ride??? puro ka public transport e.. yuck! social climber.. bading pa..

  4. tahong says:

    kaya ka hindi pinaupo kasi bading ka!

  5. inkjet says:

    wow.seriously is he cute? my mom fired him bec he sucked as a driver samin… guess he found a new job. as a janitor or something… yun pla type mo? i have cuter drivers than him…

  6. Lul says:

    Haha! Poorlalu walang ride! A|X ka pa jan wala ka namang pambili ng kotse or for God’s sake wala ka man lang pang-taxi! You kaya ang jologs. You are so pathetic.

  7. jack cole says:

    haha muca cang tanga s blog mo haha

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