Boys at McDo

Posted: May 8, 2008 in Food, Makati

Gosh talaga. Ang dami talagang pogi sa McDo. I mean, yeah, nandun ang ex ko sa mga murals nila pero who cares diba? I mean, a poster is a poster, pero nothing beats talaga the real thing.

Grabe, when I saw these 2 guys last week sa McDo, napapa-ummm talaga ako sa sarap. Para silang Big Mac talaga grabe sarap kagatin.

That time kasi, I visited 2 McDos. Una, at McDo Valero, I was there to wait for Josh. Sobrang tagal niya kasi dahil nasira daw car niya and all. So kakainis talaga he had to make a wait an hour there. Kakatakot who knows what will happen to me diba? I mean a girl, all alone? You know naman these times diba?

Pogi Rating: 8.5/10

Buti na lang I saw this pretty boy na naka-beige polo that time which really made my day. As I mentioned, ang sarap niya tingnan. So cool and maporma. Kaya ayun, I had to take a picture talaga. And he was so kwela talaga while making kwento with his friends.

I thought siya ang pinakahottie na makita ko for the night. Then my Josh came – ahem – and there na he made sundo me sa McDo 1 and a half hour late. Kaya yun, he was so sorry, he promised eat kami sa isang nice resto sa GB2.

Pero of course diba, drama pa rin me, kasi I’m the gurl kaya. So while in his new car, I made yamot and kunot talaga all the time. Sorry siya ng sorry, pero ignore ko daw siya while pretending to text.

That’s why after he parked near GB2, I made a quick exit talaga and headed straight to McDo sa Paseo.

OMG, sabi ko when I saw this guy eating his burger. He was so hunky talaga. So I took a picture agad while wala pa si Josh sa scene. Funny thing kasi e while I was shooting, si Josh KJ talaga kasi he popped out of nowhere and made drama.

Dami baby-baby gamit ni Josh which irritated me na. Napapahiya kasi ako sa guy who began looking at us na. I don’t want a scene kaya noh. Pero yun, kasi di naman talaga ako galit, I forgave him na lang on the spot. Kaya yun, Josh was so happy he promised to treat me to a shopping spree this weekend. O diba, girl power!?

Pogi Rating: 9/10

  1. anonymous says:

    i don’t even think you can afford to eat anywhere in GB2. LOLZ.

  2. fif's gurl says:

    its funny because you said that josh’s car is new but then you had to wait more than an hour because his car broke??! Ano ba talaga! On top of that, you came from McDo Valero then go to another McDo sa paseo?! I don’t get your story…though i think this is not the point of your blog anyways.

  3. reyna elena says:

    hahaha! i’m not very knowlegeable about those places na sinabi mo pero natawa ako sa comment number 2 hehehe

  4. Princess Sarah says:

    they are so cute!!! both of them!
    the first one na executive type : 8.5/10

    the second one! so hunkylicious!
    verdict: 9.5/10

  5. yeahright says:

    hey fag, uber gulo nmn ng statements mo.. josh’s car broke – then u ride a new card. tpos when josh parked his “NEW” car, bumaba ka pra pumunta ng McDo Paseo. wow.. I’ve had enough of your story telling.. Queer”

  6. lukaret says:

    Haa. I thought the first pic was Smokey Manoloto but at second look, he looked like Jimmy Bondoc. 3/10 A front view of his face, I’m sure, would be a whole lot cuter and would give justice to his supposed cute face.
    The second guy is just awesome and is eating healthy. I hope he washed his hands first before grabbing a hold of his mem-burger.

  7. Lady in Red says:

    Hahaha! I should’ve known pogi boys walk in McDonald’s GB2 and Valero. I just hope there will be some here at Dela Costa :p

  8. bash says:


    are you for real??

    you are so TRYING HARD girl!!!

  9. valski says:

    even though grainy, 2nd boy needs a 10/10. check out those arms! ugh. and he’s all alone? i’ll eat with you pogi boy! baka he’s checking out a text on his nice cell phone. krazr phone? probably loaded in more ways than one.

  10. huh? says:

    kaw pasosyal diyan e.. wala ka bang ride??? puro ka public transport e.. yuck! social climber.. bading pa..

  11. Eduardo aka Eduarda says:

    sinong ex? si Manny pacquiao? hehe

  12. Mel Eric says:

    Gawa gawa lang yan ng kwento!

  13. VinVin says:

    the guy in yellow/dirty white (?) is my friend and batchmate in ateneo, EC, while the other guy is his brother and yes they are both cute.

  14. JJ says:

    ang TRYING HARD mo obviously.. deprived na deprived ka sa mga lalaki at mga pogi, and akala mo that’s a good thing??

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