Cutie at Rustans Powerplant

Posted: January 11, 2008 in Makati, Power Plant, Rustans, Uncategorized

Honestly, the only saving grace talaga sa Powerplant e ang mga cuties na makikita mo dun. If not talaga, grabe, the place is such a bore. I mean, yeah, may nice movie houses naman and all the nices brands money could buy, pero at the end of the guy, dami talaga lacking.

Honestly talaga! If you don’t have much cash like most people e mabobore ka talaga to death. I mean grabe, I don’t understand why daming mga lower classes (and social climbers pa) who frequents the area. E obvious naman na palakad lakad lang sila and all. Or if kakasweldo lang, e may pakain-kain pang nalalaman sa McDo, KFC, or Jollibee.

Hay naku talaga, kakaawa talaga sila. They stick out like a sore thumb talaga. Grabe, I feel for them talaga pero sad to say, lost cause talaga.

At any rate. I was there nga doing some konting grocery kasi have to buy a lot of kikay products when I saw this cutie.  Of course diba, his mom is with him so bidang-bida talaga  siya tingnan sa mom niya.  Sobrang mabait and respectful sa mom unlike all those guys there na sobra pa-effect lang ang rampa e hipon naman. Tapos andami pa talaga rude especially those Brazilian boys who kept staring at me. Feel na feel ko na hinuhubaran nila ako sa evil thoughts nila.  Grabe talaga! I felt so naked.

Just because they are all hot and supermodel-looking noh does not mean or guarantee them na it’s okay for me to be treated that way. Kumbaga, I’m not that kind of girl kaya!

Pogi Rating: 7.5/10

Anyway, back to cutie, as usual he has this boy-next-door look which I really really love and prefer compared to all those hunky pero bobo studs/jocks from my past. So ayun, sana nga lang he can outgrow the mommy’s boy stage. Alangan naman diba kasama pa si momsy during our date diba? Kakaloka naman if ganun.

  1. misha says:

    d nya mom yan. kilala ko yan guy na yan hahaha. mom nya pretty. haha

  2. popples says:

    i think i know that guy from somewhere. hahaha

  3. mark says:

    haha hooooy!! thats my brother!! and thats our lola! (although not blood relative). they’re most likely buying ingredients for his businessesessseseses!

  4. pakbet says:


  5. chaka doll says:

    ang lakas mong manglait bakla ka eh sa grocery ka lang pala bumibili ng kikay products! ano ba kikay products mong bakla ka? everbilena at kokuryu? kachipan! EEEEW.

    kung sosyal ka talaga dapat shu uemura ang muk-ap mo day! or kahit chanel or clinique. nabubuking ka na talaga eh!

  6. chaka doll says:

    kamuka ni diego nguso ang may ari ng blog na to. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! ang cheap mo talaga gurl! everbilena lang pala muk-ap mo kung manglait ka kala mo ang ganda ganda mo! CHE!

  7. Princess Sarah says:

    Ateng! Pogi siya!!!! boy next door type!!!
    verdict : 8/10

  8. lukaret says:

    @#3: ROFL! Care to set him up with me? XDDD

  9. Fuck u! says:

    Yuck bumibili ka ng products sa grocery??ur making urself cheap. . .anu yung binibili mu jan?kornik?pantapal ng butas ng pwet mo. .kahiya ka lakas pa manlaet baklang mukang urangutan.

  10. Justy says:

    foolish haters. With just one read, one can deduce that the author’s writing is for entertainment purposes. Plus, he’s gay and this may be his way of making himself happy and such. Leave him alone.
    Also, with just one read, I never thought Ria (right?) is saying that her being sosyal is true. People can dream. It’s alright. 🙂

    Keep it up blogger! you aren’t defaming anyone naman right?

  11. Blah says:

    you must love the word “TALAGA” very much. already annoying. tsktsk

  12. PepotSaluyot says:

    When we went there I was a bit impressed but when it was time to find a place to sit down and eat, I had a hard time finding a good restaurant. For a mall like that, they should have some really nice restaurants as alternatives to fast food and the usual hohum places. I was forced to pick the Greek restaurant there because I love Greek food but when the food came, I was so disappointed. I was looking forward to tasting my first gyro in Pinas but it turned out it wasn’t the gyro they serve in the US. The meat was tough and not tasty enough. Oh well. Anyone tried that Greek restaurant in Tagaytay? How’s the food there?

  13. PepotSaluyot says:

    Blah, “talaga” is a verbal acne to so many Pinoys not unlike the word “like” used by many American teens…like “OMG!”

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