Kalbo Cutie at Makati

Posted: January 5, 2008 in Kalbo, Makati, Uncategorized

Grabe talaga. I saw this guy one time while making pabarya somewhere in Makati City. Sabi kasi ng friends ko na may cool bar daw sa place na yun so diba punta rin ako and all. E turns out si mamang driver e wala daw change kaya had to make extra effort pa para lang magka-change.

Anyway, it turns out kajologan talaga yung place. I don’t want toi mention the name na lang baka maawa lang kayo all sa experience ko. Good thing na lang kasi I have some friends din pala hanging out at Warehouse 135 kaya pumunta na lang me dun ASAP talaga. Grabe, so kakahiya! I did not, of course, inform my friends there about my embarassing ordeal.

Pogi Rating: 7.5/10

Good thing na lang e nakita ko nga si cutie. He isn’t that pogi naman pero a sight to behold talaga lalo na if you feel like hoholdapin ka (or rape) sa area na yun. Sigh. I will never set foot on that part of Makati ever again!

  1. Exene says:

    Hmmm I don’t like his arms they are too big. Big guys intimidate me.

  2. Princess Sarah says:

    i love him! big arms, sarap payakap sister!
    verdict : 8.5/10

  3. gerry says:

    now thats cute!

  4. PepotSaluyot says:

    Is China’s advanced party to take over “Bejo de Masinloc”?

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