My First Fanmail!

Posted: December 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

….or fan video. Or whatevs lang. Anyway, someone took the liberty of making this video in honor of the cutest, hottiest, and pogiest boys from Metro Manila. Thank you talaga whoever you are. You’re so creative and inspiring. Sige di bale I promise to do all my best and all my duties in spotting the really, really, omigod-he-is-so-nakakaloka male of the specifies for your visual delight.

For all those who haven’t seen the video pa, check this link na lang. Too bad though kasi she got the URL wrong pa. Luisacart, drop the domain na lang. Bumalik na me sa WordPress. By the way, would you be so kind and e-mail me those pictures? I lost some kasi when I decided to go back to my old website na. TC!


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