Serendra Cutie

Posted: November 25, 2007 in Food, Fort, Serendra, Taguig

Hay naku. As usual, nasa Serendra na naman me and my family last week. My mom kasi daw is so sawa na with all the usual pagkain na sineserve ng chipipay namin na made. Kasi naman e, why does she expect her to come up with something French-inspipred diba? Hahaha. Kaya yun, nung naging mainit na naman ulo ni momsy ko dahil sa lack of creativity in the kitchen. e may dad said na lang na we eat at Serendra. Honestly, nakakasawa na rin mga food dun kasi paulit-ulit na kami kumakain sa mga restos dun. Di naman kami like ng mga others diyan diba na pang special occassion lang ang mag dine in sa mga restos dun. Like duh, special ba kumain ng steak?

Anyway, the moment we were there e bigla kaming hinarang ng cutie na ito. At first, I thought he was just making pa simple on me kasi smile siya talaga ng smile. Honestly, he is really goodlooking so I thought that his agressiveness talaga was really a turn-on. Imagine, making pacute to a girl like me while my mom is just a mere feet away. E anyway, it turns out this guy is handing out brochures pala of some store or something. I think naman he isn’t the usual real estate agent who flocks the damned area like a flock of seagulls e. He isn’t those types na naka business attire kuno pero ayun dala dala mga fliers and all. Pero anyway, it doesn’t matter nga talaga kasi he is uber cute talaga. In fact, he is THAT cute I can’t even remember what was written on the brochure. I just really looked at him lang all that time talaga.

Pogi Rating: 7.5/10

Too bad nga lang kasi hindi tumalab kacutean niya kay mommy ko so my mom just basically shooed him away like that. Sayang nga kasi I was really trying to open up a conversation with him. Malay mo diba he makes pasimple and asks my number. Hahaha. Anyway, ayun, it was my first time to see him there though. Sana next time makikita ko siya uli when I dine with my friends or something. Para naman di na ako ma bore sa overhyped na area na ito. Grabeh!

  1. jess says:

    haha! i see this guy as well there….

  2. WTF says:

    You talk like that? Seriously?

    And you misspelled ‘maid’. Your posts reflect how much there is in your head. You are what most people would call an utter airhead.

    You lead a sad, boring life. Like, talaga!😀😀

  3. thecritic says: act like you’re from the high class society and yet you can’t even spell your own servants.. its “maid” not “made”.. and actually we call ours as “helps”..

  4. ems says:

    yeah, IMHO, i think she’s rich materially but i don’t know what’s in her head… if hangin lang ba? spelled made instead of “maid”.. uh oh… sana nagtagalog na lang sya hehe

  5. sndkasnc says:

    haha. i was laughing my ass off when i read that “made” part. haha at least that “inspipred” was a typo, i suppose? haha

    anyway, this author sounds like cofibean. or maybe s/he is cofibean trying to be someone else for a change. haha

  6. coco says:

    is this for real??? i didn’t know such people like this really exist..

  7. pooochi says:

    hahaha! type mo pala siya? he’s my batchmate in some university..🙂

  8. angie says:

    si john ba tong guy?

  9. wanda says:

    si john nga yan! officemate ko yan mga ate. madami ng benta yan. may pera na yan in fairness. sa ayala land yan work.

  10. Ilusyunada says:

    he’s cute!!!! nakaka inlove ha infernez! 9/10 for me!

  11. geng21 says:

    hahahahahahaha! i cant help but laugh with the “made” part. this entry just made my day. lmao

  12. whatthef*@!# says:

    hahahaha, yeah indeed it made me laugh! “made” what the f@#!??? hahahaha, yeah John will definitely be creeped put because of this.

  13. whatthef*@!# says:

    hahahaha, yeah indeed it made me laugh! “made” what the f@#!??? hahahaha, yeah John will definitely be creeped out because of this.

  14. bren says:

    parang mas maganda basin ung mga comment..

  15. JELO says:

    .., haha la lang, napakacheap ng author nitong blog na 2. , di lang ksi me makatulog

  16. kiko'kicks says:

    ++ i agree with jelo ++

  17. erica... says:

    hey…moron…i dunno if you’re really rich…is there any other word you know aside from “grabeh talaga”..

    you are so ambitious…


  18. Justy says:

    ang cute nga nung dude! why do u people keep bashing on the blogger?
    nagshe-share na nga sya ng “cuties” eh.
    pero based sa shot nya, cute nga ung guy. sa serendra ba? sna makita ko rin to hhahaha

  19. pogispotting says:

    Guys, please visit my Twitter account na lang at Some loser bitch kasi got my email account and my blog account suspended. Kainis talaga mga ibang people diyan. If you don’t like my blog then don’t read na lang diba? Bawal ang ugly people na mag-follow ok?


  20. claire says:

    I have a few theories of what you are:

    1. Super purita mirasol na social climber!
    2. Psychotic na megalomaniac!
    3. Rich na umahon sa sobrang pagka-pusali person!

    Ano ka jan sa 3 choices?

  21. claire says:

    Request lang for your own benefit na din:

    Please act according to your “personally perceived” social status. The way you talk(palengkerang pasosyal) speaks otherwise from the person you are, or you think you are. And if poor ka, don’t be ashamed, di ka nagiisa, there are about 60 million who are like you in the Philippines. Diba ang saya? You belong!

  22. KIO says:

    Di ako mapakali sa blog na ‘to. I couldn’t even do my job in the office. Nakaka-irita tong babaeng (tingin ko bakla ito) may ari ng blog na to.

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