Waltermart Hunk

Posted: November 23, 2007 in Hunk, Makati, Waltermart

I was making pasyal last Thursday ata at Makati City. As usual I was en route to my mom at her office to make hingi some baon. I wanted to shop kasi. I hear kasi na due to that ghastly thing that happened at Glorietta e marami na daw mga sale left and right. Kaya, of course, since I am a smart shopper kaya e di I really wanted to take the opportunity noh. Anyway, after I got moolah from my mom, e napagod me talaga kasi she made me hintay – her own daughter of her own flesh and blood – at the lobby.

Kainis noh? Pinahintay niya talaga ako grabe kaya yun medyo nagfefeeling na ulit ang mga poor employees dun na I bet mga minimum-wager lang. Anyway, doesn’t really matter naman talaga if I had to wait 20 minutes diba? Sino ba naman ang inabutan ng thick wad of money in the cliche white envelope para lang umalis. Hahaha. I just know my mom so well. You just have to make her to irritated with my whining and all the unnecessary reklamos para she would give in.

Anyway, after getting the money, I of course had to take a break noh kasi mainit din kaya sa labas. So ayun, I wanted to go to Starbucks uli. You know, the same coffee shop na I went to where I chanced upon that cutie Marvin Sia look-a-like. Too bad nga lang na I lost control of that website completely na so I don’t have anymore pictures of him na.

Pogi Ranking: 7.5/10

Basta, I saw this hunky guy dun sa Waltermart area. I know, medyo chipipay the mall and everything, pero may Starbucks naman dun so medyo saving grace na lang ng area. From afar, I saw this guy talaga. He had very strong arms and biceps. Tapos yyung chest niya grabe, I’ll bet my life he works out 24/7. Funny talaga maraming mga third sex din that time who was making hintay a taxi din as seen sa picture to the left. They were in a pila kasi and grabe so landi talaga ang mga titig nila. Well, sorry na lang din kasi kung kahit gaano man ang titig nila combined e ganun din kaya ang titig ni Waltermart Hunk sakin.

Grabe, I just felt so naked right then and there. I mean, he slightly took off his shades pa to make pasimple looking at me. Of course, di naman literal na naked diba. That would have been kakahiya. Well, unless siguro kami lang 2 in a room, why not diba? Hahaha! Joke lang. I’m not that kind of girl kaya.

  1. whatever says:

    naku ria, ur such a fag

  2. Ilusyunada says:

    he’s an eye candy! 8.5/10 for me!

  3. yeahright says:


  4. jhen says:

    malandi..bakla ka!!ahahah lolz..halatang halata

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