Posted: November 16, 2007 in Fitness First, Gym, Makati, Robinsons Summit Center, RSC, Uncategorized

No, no, it’s not Rockin’, Sexy, and Cool Guy, but I swear he is all that talaga. I was in Robinsons Summit Center kasi last week you know kasi I have to hit the gym and all na rin. I mean, I am still sexy pa and all, pero alam mo naman these days, dapat di ka lang sexy. Dapat, ikaw ang sexiest. That’s why Josh likes me nga e, kasi I never loose focus with keeping myself fit and pretty for him, myself, and sometimes, para sa ibang boys na rin. Hahaha!

Pogi Ranking: 8/10

Anyway, I saw this boy nga while on the way to the gym. Grabe, he is so cute talaga. I mean, he looked ngarag ang sungit and all as he was on the phone that time talking to his sundo or katulong or somethings. Basta, napa-smile lang talaga me sa kacutean niya. Umuulan pa naman that time so ala Close-Up moment talaga feeling. Grabe talaga Fitness First, daming pogi. Yun nga lang dami rin bading. But who cares, obvious naman them mga gays e. I’m an expert kaya in noticing which of the boys are 100% straight. You know how? It’s because they look at me! Hahaha!

  1. Ilusyunada says:

    he’s cute boy next door type : 8/10

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