Fresh from the States

Posted: November 5, 2007 in Mall of Asia, Pasay, Uncategorized

I am honestly so sad talaga. Imagine, all the hardwork I placed to make my blog e nawala na lahat because our stupid katulong can’t seem to understand payment deadlines. If you don’t know, got suspended na. Kaya yun, nawala tuloy all the pictures of the cute guys na I have personally met since that day I decided to host my blog independetly na. I just knew na it was a bad idea to do so kasi I am always so busy pa and laging out of the country. Wanted to make habol and pay na lang sana pero huwag na lang. Sakit pa ng ulo makukuha ko kasi if you don’t know pa, I’ll be off to Australia na naman early next year e. Oh well, charge na lang to experience diba? Besides, marami naman cutie boys pa. God will find a way.

Spekaing of cute guys, I saw this undeniably hunk and goodlooking guy at National Bookstore sa Mall of Asia. I was there kasi last weekend to meet up with my friends. Grabeh, I miss them so much talaga and of course they miss me na rin, so ayun we basically hang out lang and make kwento about who’s who and what’s what. Ayun, I was at National to buy Cosmo sana to read sa bahay when I spotted this guy. Grabe, he was just so cute.

Pogi Rating: 9/10

Too bad nga lang kasi si pogi e may bantay pala. Can you notice that girl? Grabe, talaga. I was so surprised to see her making so dikit to him. I mean, is she his girlfriend? I know she’s kinda cute na rin pero grabe, they are not bagay talaga!

Prinsesa na nga me talaga but I think this guy is just so hot na I just have to say he’s too good to be true and too good even with my world-class beauty. Kaya yun, grabe, when he left sa cashier, nagtilian lahat pati ang mahalay na cashier. Ampogi daw ng mama. Like duh, so jologs talaga their comments. Mabuti na lang I was still poised when he passed by. He smiled at me though, and I smiled back. Sayang, I bet he realized what he was missing when I saw me. Gosh. Being away from this country made me realize marami pala talaga akong namimiss.

  1. natalie says:

    welcome back honey! we miss you!

  2. Ilusyunada says:

    he looks cute! 8.5/10 kahit malayo pa ang kuha mo!

  3. Lime says:

    intsik siya?
    kamukha ng classmate ko nung H.S.!

  4. huh? says:

    i thought you will write in english only? WTF!

  5. laviniah says:

    HEY “huh?” WTF yourself!!! This is a blog about handsome guys in the PHILIPPINES!!! PROUDLY WRITTEN AND MAINTAINED BY a Filipino-speaking sistah! We are in no way obligated to address you in English all the freakin time ok????We speak the language like native Anglophones but we like to use our own language too.BIlingualism rules here. So if you want to understand this blog — STUDY FILIPINO! Or Shut the F–k UP and bring your English language imperialist sH*t somewhere else!!
    PUKI MO!!!

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