White Pogi

Posted: February 13, 2007 in Foreigners, Glorietta, Makati

White Pogi

Pogi Rating: 8/10

Oh, he is absolutely POGI! This cute white guy I saw at Glorietta 4 facade has the right amount of tallness and Caucasian features good enough to make my heart skip a beat. He does not have too much pink blotches that can make any decent girl puke. He smells great too! Anyway, I heard him talk and I just find his accent so sexy. I wish all boys talk that way and I bet the world will be a whole lot more beautiful. Anyway, his friends were also cuties, but White Pogi just really stole the limelight. He has such nice eyes. Sigh!

  1. cess says:

    No doubt he is POGI. or a HOTTIE.. hahaha …
    IF ever all men would be that handsome like that guy. There would be a better place here on earth 🙂 Pogi talaga niya wala ako ma say :))

  2. Ilusyunada says:

    i dont find him pogi, siguro kasi i found those kind of guy here in kenada usually, 7/10 for me.

  3. Jenny says:

    OMG HE LOOKS LIKE CHRIS EVANS!!! I know this is an old entry but, DAYUM HOT!

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