Red Cap Cutie

Posted: February 12, 2007 in Makati, Park Square

Red Cap Cutie

Pogi Rating: 7.5/10

Just look at those innocent almond eyes and rest assured you’ll swoon over this Red Cap Cutie I saw at Park Square last Sunday. My mom and I were shopping at True Value at that time. Naturally, I don’t feel at ease waiting for her while inside a male store because it would so destroy my vibes. I’m no Betty Cooper. I’m a fabulous Veronica Lodge. So I basically killed time at the small tiangge in front of True Value. That’s where I saw this guy and right away, I just had to take a picture. He looks so innocent and just like the old saying, he might even become more attractive if it turns out he isn’t so innocent at all. Hehehe.

  1. Ilusyunada says:

    for me he’s ordinary and he’s on cap, i cant see his hair totally : 6/10

  2. PepotSaluyot says:

    “Do you want fries with that?”

    har har har har

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