English Only Please

Posted: February 12, 2007 in Alert

Attention All Readers:

From now on, I will write only in perfect English. I have received a lot of e-mails from our beloved countrymen residing in America asking me to write only in English so that my beloved blog would truly become universal.

Well, I’m a sucker for cute guys. So Leo dearest, wish granted. Luv u!

  1. arson arsi says:

    perfect english is good but the charm of your blog is the charm of your tone. its so real, unpretentious, girly and easy to relate with. your language reflects the character of the girl who really take pictures secretly and post it in her blog for plain kicks without any intention of hurting. i guess what your doing is more than good. doing otherwise might ruin the magic, though m not quite sure of that.

    in any case you decide to want it to become “universal,” you can insert a translation. its an additional load but i think u enjoy what your doing… what do u think?

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