Finger Lickin’ Dude

Posted: February 9, 2007 in Bad, Boys, Food, Makati

Finger Lickin' Dude

Pogi Rating: 7.5/10

I know na he kinda looks untidy with his crazy mustache pero honestly in person this guy is oozing with sex appeal talaga. I saw him kanina ordering takeout while I was waiting for my dad to come fetch me somewhere sa Gil Puyat Ave.

Dad was so tagal at that time that’s why to fight boredom, I began clicking my cam na naman. Fortunately, this Finger Lickin’ Dude was there right on cue to save the day. Sana he’ll grow some hair or something then shave. Baka it’s his personality lang talaga pero I think mas cute siya if may buhok and shaved regularly. Bad boy guys may have the fun, but nice, presentable cuties will always get girls like moi!

  1. jap says:

    he’s cute.

  2. chubibo says:

    lagi xa nag iinternet sa dati kong work.. sa e-lanes internetshop… malakas tlga ung dating nya.. lagi lng xa nkawhite na t-shirt.. hehehe (e-lanes is located at the ground floor of burgundy)

  3. just one question: are you a gay guy or a girl?

  4. tom says:

    who ever posted me here.. bravo.. hehe :). my friends told me i was at this website and i kept laughing… anyway.. im striaght!!! πŸ™‚

    p.s 7.5 lang??????? hahahhaha!!! kidding.. πŸ™‚

  5. tommy girl says:

    hey tom… is that really u? i see u near exportbank plaza almost everyday. i honestly think ur cute. can u send us some pics of u na clear and nakasmile? hahaha…

  6. ashanti says:

    better yet take a pic of urself na may hawak na piece of paper na may nakasulat na pogispotting…. parang sa bryanboy fan pics. i hope ur game para kwela! ur really cute!

  7. Ilusyunada says:

    he’s cute siguro but based on this picture 7/10

  8. JC says:

    certified kaflyff

  9. naughtynomad says:

    Sorry I’m Irish what does does pogi mean?
    I miss the Philippines 😦

  10. naughtynomad says:

    Sorry I’m Irish what does pogi mean?
    I miss the Philippines 😦

  11. PepotSaluyot says:

    Naughty, “POGI” means handsome or good-looking. Top of the morning to ya!

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