Young Chinito at MRT

Posted: February 8, 2007 in Boys, Mandaluyong, MRT, Young

Young Chinito at MRT

Pogi Rating: 6.5/10

I have a dilemma talaga. I’m running out of ideas to call these guys I meet. At first, I thought its okay to just call a cute chinito guy I see a the MRT as Cute Chinito Guy. Problem now is, I’ve been seeing a lot of cute and not-so-cute chinito guys na while riding the MRT. So that’s the problem na kasi medyo magulo na ang naming and tacky naman if I call them the same with additional numbers at the end parang Chinito Guy #2.

Anyway, I saw this guy at the MRT kanina. As usual, fresh na fresh na naman catch ko. He’s young and sobrang makinis. Maputi pa and visual pleasure talaga in a very natural way. Kaya nga lang, he’s really younger than me. So alam mo na problem ng guys unlike us girls, they don’t mature as fast as we do. So ayun, cutie man siya, I doubt we’re meant to be together talaga.

To end this, I’d really appreciate if I get suggestions from you guys on how to solve this naming problem I have. I’m not that creative kasi and ayaw ko naman maging parang Hitler and just call them with numbers lang noh! They’re too cute to have that and they deserve a lot more from moi!

  1. mixxy says:

    honestly hindi naman sya pogi eh.. mukhang nerd!

  2. nie_hotmom says:

    yaikkks, not ma type soweeee

  3. Gwapples says:

    Girl, I give him a 5! hehehehe! yeah he is nerdy and his hair, he needs styling!

  4. Ilusyunada says:

    chinito lang siya, that’s all : 5/10

  5. Psyche says:

    — edited by ria… wag naman ganyan guys….

  6. ostrov says:

    Thank you,
    very interesting article

  7. soo gademet says:

    so pogi na to??

  8. PepotSaluyot says:

    -5/10 (note the “minus” symbol preceeding 5)

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