Coñio Boy

Posted: January 27, 2007 in Boys, DLSU, Greenbelt3, La Salle, Makati, Movies

Coñio Boy

Pogi Rating: 8/10

I saw this very Coñio Boy at GB3 kanina while my friends and I watched Night at the Museum. Cutie niya talaga grabe. Too bad nga lang because he was tagging along his girlfriend. Grabe talaga ha, pero cutie, you deserve someone better. Hehehe. Yeah, I know she’s pretty din, but I don’t think she deserves you. I deserve you! YOU DESERVE ME! And OMG – your accent just makes me faint. In fact, I think I did. Because honestly, hindi ko natatandaan yung movie. Kaw lang nasa isip ko always. Promise. Mwah!

  1. yakisoba says:

    since this blog was started, siya lang ang totoong cutie. the rest…no comment na lang.

  2. kristin says:

    why? ayaw m ba kay italian boy?

  3. boygwapo says:

    gwapo nga!!! hehehe rate ko 9!!!

  4. supergirl says:

    gwapo nga! hahahhaa

  5. hey! im loving this blog. hahaha! imma link ya in my blog. =P btw, ill try to contribute here, just dunno how to. keep it comin! im sorta scared for you boi, hope you dont get caught or beaten up doin this. tc mister! latez. =P

  6. retrovertandbeyond says:

    are you gay????????
    im kinda lost….
    i dont know if the blogger is a gay or a real girl!!!!!1

  7. supergirl says:

    are you stalking cute guys??? hindi ka ba nila nahuhuli na pinipicturan mo sila???

  8. luckwatchero says:

    yakisoba, kanya kanyang taste iyan. As they say, you can’t please everybody!

  9. Claire says:

    gwapo naman!!

  10. cess says:

    Nafeel ko naman na nakakafaint ang accent niya ;D Lolz… He is a cutie talaga..

  11. tyo paeng says:

    trulili, sya lang ang cute na na-feature dito.

  12. dog says:

    i think i know him.
    if that’s him, he is a classmate of mine.

  13. xina says:

    hai he’s so gwapo!

  14. bitch fit says:

    oh my… he’s so gorgeous! keep them coming!;-)

  15. luwi says:

    nakakaloka ka mama!! hahaha

    winner yan!!

  16. hulikaw says:

    nobody can topple Mt. Conio Boi

  17. jansen says:

    request another picture of this guy

  18. diyi says:

    feel ko sya! 🙂

  19. -shwishee- says:

    is he my destiny??.. hahaha.. he’s so gwapo!! i wonder how you get all these pics without being caught! keep ’em coming! 😉

  20. miisz`jellie says:

    He is the cutest. lol

  21. spss says:

    ang gwapo! kaso allergic ako sa konyo eh, lol.

  22. supergirl says:

    more guys like this!

  23. amber says:

    ang cute!!

  24. human head says:

    ang sarap niyang titigan nakakaalis ng stress hes the most gwapo ever here

  25. constructiveCritisicm says:


  26. maldita says:

    putangina nyo lahat! respect my boyfriend! he already has a girlfriend and please! wag niyo na guluhin yung buhay ng mga pribadong tao! nanahimik kami ng boyfriend ko! di na ba pwede manuod ng movie ngayon ng walang bading na sumusunod!tangina nakita kita bakla ka! pag nakita pa kita sa mall! gagawa talaga ako ng skandalo! dont ever dream about him baka maging tunay kang babae dahil sa depression mo! ang bastos bastos mo pa! tanginang bakla ka!!putangina mo!! at kayong lahat! hoy bakla ka! tanggalin mo jan yung oic na yan ngayon kundi ipapahack ko yung site mo na to! tangina mo!

  27. admingurl says:

    dahling! have some poise! you are anonymous. you cant find me. ill steal your boyfriend. so keep him close. ill post more pics of him soon. keep your eyes wide open..for now. -wink-

  28. voiz says:

    @maldita, wala kang breeding, wawa ka naman, ingat..or else mawalan ka ng bf, if…boyfriend mo nga sya! bawal mang-angkin..buti nagkagusto sa’yo yan, well, baka naman kasi mababa lang din taste nyan, despite being a pogi, tsk tsk..eniweys, good luck!

    watch your mouth, you should be proud instead..hmmf!

  29. Laraxxoxo says:

    like what i always see when i see cute guys…”forever na kami”.

  30. conio_boy_too says:

    i know this guy! he’s from dlsu! he lives in ayala alabang! he has another friend who’s also a cutie!

  31. reyna elena says:

    medyo madilim pero yeah i agree with everyone! gwapo! hehehe

  32. moneycka says:


  33. je_olivier says:

    please explain what is the meaning of conio? i heard this with so much frequency when i am visiting manila, but nowhere else.. well the guy is young of course he looks good.

  34. friend says:

    conio_boy_too: am i that friend you’re referring to?

    yes, he lives in ayala alabang, he’s from dlsu, an engineering student, and really conio.

  35. tahong says:


  36. jake says:

    Words can’t do justice to how good he looks. ANG GUWAPO NIYA. Ang sarap niyang titigan, grabe. Wala akong pakialam kahit conyo pa siya magsalita. Kakausapin ko siya maghapon marinig ko lang ang boses niya. ANG GUWAPO NIYA TALAGA GRABE!

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