Shopwise Hunk

Posted: January 22, 2007 in Boys, Buff, Grocery, Hunk, Makati, Older, Tall

Shopwise Hunk

Pogi Rating: 7.5/10

Say what you have to say but tall, hunky guys really make me drool. I know he’s medyo older na pero the biceps talaga are just so sinful. This is so R-18 na. I have to stop or else I’ll go to hell. Hahaha. Anyway, I saw this Shopwise Hunk while I went to Shopwise Pasong Tamo last Sunday again with my Dad. My Dad and Shopwise, kakaloka talaga. Me and cuties, dreamy!

  1. boygwapo says:


  2. mali says:

    dude.why the hell do you go to shopwise? are you fucking poor? :p and from your comments, it looks like all you can do is drool.

  3. mali says:

    you dont have a boyfriend to take pictures on.,:D peace.. (im fucking now) youre not!

  4. marc says:

    this guy works out at Slimmers Zeta along Salcedo, hehehe

  5. karen says:


  6. Dudette says:

    huh?! give the girl a break…let her dream while she’s young.

  7. Dwetlmqh says:

    dimQNX comment4 ,

  8. mya says:

    hunk eh..??

  9. kinking says:

    .is that your hunk..?? what a taste eh..??

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