Sando Guy

Posted: January 17, 2007 in Boys, Manila

Sando Guy

Pogi Ranking: 7.5/10

This is rather embarassing talaga. I visited my friend at La Salle last Monday kasi daw get-together daw namin ulit. Eh medyo surprising nangyari because this friend of mine invited me to eat at some small carinderia near the school. I mean it was shocking talaga because dati this friend of mine wouldn’t even justify eating kakanin pero now e she invited me to make tambay lang daw at this place.

Turns out cutie pala ang guy na who makes tambay din there. We’re not so sure though if he is also a student or just some trabahador (or anak ng owner). At any rate, cutie talaga siya. So maputi and makinis. Too bad lang di masyado clear ang pics that I was able to get of him. Friend ko kasi kakahiya, she made comment ba naman na why I was taking a snapshot of the guy. Kaya yun, na-obvious kami so we had to leave the place right away. Anyway, cutie talaga siya. Sarap!

  1. dog says:

    that’s cute?!
    i eat there sometimes.

  2. Gwapples says:


  3. Ilusyunada says:

    chinito pero ordinary looking lang for me : 6/10

  4. harrypotter says:

    i know that place. hottie talaga sya! he’s the reason why i eat there.

  5. psi says:

    Grabe ang gwapo at mukhang sexy… sana nakunan mo ng nakataas ang kamay niya para kita buhok sa kili kili yum!

  6. locah says:

    .. leche !!! mga bulag !! mag eye mo nga kayo ! pogi b yan
    maga na yung mukha ohhh !!! pucha

  7. pogispotting says:

    Please visit my Twitter account na lang at Some loser bitch kasi got my email account and my blog account suspended. Kainis talaga mga ibang people diyan. If you don’t like my blog then don’t read na lang diba? Bawal ang ugly people na mag-follow ok?


  8. PepotSaluyot says:

    I’m really beginning to have doubts about your pogi standards. You need to take my seminar on how to spot a hot dude.

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