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Posted: January 16, 2007 in Alert

For a blog that is hardly 1 month old pa lang, I’ve been receiving so may comments and criticisms that really makes me smile na lang. Anyway, to each his own diba? Well, right now, after reading countless comments nga, I have 2 bright ideas which I’d like to know if you guys think okay ba or not.

1. Pogi Hunting. Now this is really difficult. Honestly, I don’t stalk guys and I surely don’t make habol gwapo guys just to take their picture. I only take pics of those attractive ones which would be convenient for me. Like duh! Di naman ako desperada no. So don’t expect me to make an effort to take a pic of some guy if ayaw naman diba? Pero lately, dahil sa comments ng mga readers and medyo mataas naman traffic ng site ko, I guess I must say, I should really satisfy the hunger of the adoring public. So I wonder, would it be possible for me to visit one place talaga at a given time based on the people’s vote. Tapos when I’m there na, e di take pictures galore na lang ako. O diba ang landi! Hahaha! Pero yun nga lang, I don’t really fancy travelling especially if wala ang driver namin. I hate commuting kaya, well, unless of course if may cute ako na makita! Umph!

2. Contributors. Someone here suggested that she would like to contribute as well. Well, thanks for the idea and the support, pero baka kasi mawala ang essence ng blog ko if other people would meddle na. I mean, no offense, baka di masyado okay diba ang mga mabibigay ng other people? Kawawa naman blog ko. Pero, if its gonna be quality guys naman, aba, I believe it would be a win-win situation for me and all my readers diba? So, if you are interested to apply, just e-mail me at least 3 pictures of different guys with your accompanying story. If things work out well, who knows diba? Just send your application to okay?

  1. izza says:

    this is nice….well id like to try 2 send some pics pero i dont think im as brave as u r gurl! keep it up… as for pogihunting, why not try sa greenbelt… dami dun!

  2. dog says:

    i would disagree with having contributors. some guys would just send their own pics through their friends or whatever.

  3. fifi says:

    I agree, say no to contributors. some of them might just get pics from other people claiming that they took it themselves.

  4. francheska says:

    hey guys i prefer you check this guy..=) i just see hes site sa ads cuz, he selling gurlz stuff..=)

  5. arson arsi says:

    trudis! no to contribution! this blog must reflect your taste!

    its a breather to see real pogis that are not model or artista or page 6 ppl

  6. ma says:

    dude you are so damn creepy

  7. Gangster87 says:

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  8. Faggot36 says:

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