Cutie American Asshole

Posted: January 3, 2007 in Bad, Boys, Foreigners, Makati, Ministop, Tall

Cutie American Asshole

Pogi Rating: 8/10

In the wake of Daniel Smith, here’s another gwapo American (or French, or British, or Canadian) walking amongst us here in Manila, but unfortunately he has an attitude problem. Anyway, I know na he’s American because of his accent. He doesn’t sound like he is talking through his nose or with that sexy Hugh Grant twang.

While at Ministop buying my favorite C2 Apple, I saw this hunky caucasian with his lesser blessed friend. I was so ga-ga sana with his oozing sex appeal until he began to open his mouth. Daming bad words. So turn off. Worse, he made harass pa the other girls in the area. Well, they are pokpokish naman talaga, pero grabe, can’t control talaga siya. Indecent proposal siya while I was there. Buti na lang he didn’t come into me. Not that I’d make pakipot so much pero diba? I am not pokpokish, not like that girl his ugly friend is making landi with….

  1. Sebastian says:

    I must agree with the general comments here that the guys you “clicked” are NOT that hot or should i say guapo. A piece of advice -if you want snap-worthy guys (straight or gay) try visiting the following HOTspots: Greenbelt 2&3, High-end Starbucks outlets, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Powerplant Mall. If you want hot foreigners the best place is Starbucks Adriatoco.

    I have an album (multiply) dedicated to HOT guys i see everywhere… titled PAPArazzi.


    Another thing… you are describing too much. Stick to the place spotted, day & time and a BRIEF description.

  2. yakisoba says:

    ^^ hey, what’s your site add? im curious to see mga pics na kuha mo. hehe

  3. sheesh says:

    i agree with sebastian. i havent really found any mouth-watering-undie-dropping guys so far. if you want to see those guys, try clicking your way through those places mentioned above. and true enough, too much on the description.

    and btw hunnie, its harassed. not made harass. 🙂

  4. chibibuta says:

    girl, ignore those comments. your blog rocks, especially your running commentary on those guys! and Non-Filipinos should know this before they open their big mouths. The language the blogger uses is a form of slang that the Filipinos have created by combining english and filipino words. If you see english words and phrases that are not used in the traditional american way, it’s because we Filipinos have modified them and attached new meanings to them. We made it our own. it’s a filipino thing.

  5. guy in the picture with glasses says:

    Funny to see my face on a pogispotting blog 🙂
    who’s the lesser blessed friend? me? or the guy next to me?

  6. lesser blessed friend says:

    rofl .. seems I do alright for myself.

  7. nakiraan lang says:

    ^ lol. it was really you!

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