Chinese Fever Once Again

Posted: January 3, 2007 in Boys, Cinemas, Glorietta, Makati, Movies, Tall

Chinese Fever Once Again

Pogi Rating: 7/10

I watched a movie kanina with my friends at G4. You guessed it, it’s Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo. Though I have some reservations about the movie, I am 100% sure that this Chinese guy here is a 100% cutie. He’s the one with the long hair. He is absolutely gorgeous and the hair is so kakainggit especially for a girl like me.

He is lanky, as what books would say it, and has the sweetest eyes. Anyway, he was with his skanky girl friends. Eww just to think one of them is his lovey. Sana naman hindi masayang ang face value niya sa kanila ano. Todo make-up and bling 2x yet they all look, well, unadorable. So totally unlike me.

  1. philip says:

    hhahhaahhaa! cant wait to tell my friend that he’s here in your blog =D

  2. retrovertandbeyond says:

    hahaha bullll!!!!!!!1

    i thought the blogger was GAY all along!!!

    mannnn u’re a lady!!!


    keep it up sister.

    we’re in one spirit.
    jahahahaha lol

  3. shygirl says:

    she’s a girl! isn’t she?

  4. Still_Incomparable says:

    Hmmm maybe you don’t like how they dress or how they look, but deep down they’re really nice girls, hope you don’t go judging other people especially those who are strangers to you. Have a nice day!

  5. mayi says:

    I know that guy and the skanky girl friend beside him. Coz they are both my friends. Cool thing you have going here. Stalker-ish attitude always amaze me. 🙂

  6. mayi says:

    Oh! I can send you a better photo of that guy with slick & shiny hair. His hair is much better than all his skanky girl friends, mind you. I can give you the shampoo he’s using as well. We sometimes shop together and watch movie together too. But no, I am not one of his lovey. None of the skanky girls either. ^^;;

  7. skanky says:

    “Sana naman hindi masayang ang face value niya sa kanila ano. Todo make-up and bling 2x yet they all look, well, unadorable. So totally unlike me.”

    omg. im at ease with your statement. good to know they are so unlike you. coz i bet those skanky gurls with that fine chinese guy are way fabulous than you are.

    unadorable isnt even a word. i pity you. you’ll forever be his stalker. very kawawa.

  8. kitin says:


  9. tuesday says:

    hahaha funny.. well if the guy is so cool and minds much about his hair, clothes and his total self.. then what more about choosing who he’ll hang out with…

  10. likod says:

    he’s too pretty to be a guy! hehe.

  11. teabag says:

    he’s so handsome.. me like! Haha!!

  12. constructiveCritisicm says:

    why the hell do you watch pinoy movies? BADUY.. ;p

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