Okay, Okay!

Posted: December 30, 2006 in Alert, Uncategorized

I received a lot of feedback that my so-called bois are not so fine at all. I’d just like to tell ya all that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just wait for 2007! Feast your eyes on my blog and eat your heart out!!!

  1. funkit says:


  2. retrovertandbeyond says:

    i expect clearer shots darling.
    u could use a better camera,
    say a digital and pls dont settle
    on ur cameraphone.

    ur readers are missing alot
    of details. and u’re telling
    us that beauty is in the eyes
    of the beholder? oh c’mon.
    u shouldn’t have started this blog concept
    if u cant even deliver the quality
    to ur readers. better yet
    just stop blogging.

    this is a challenge for u.
    i see bravery and alot of faggotry in ur work
    lol. and i admire them so much. hope
    u could have more and more guys featured
    here. u know, u should dedicate more
    of ur time for ur blog. as i have already bookmarked
    ur little niche into my fab laptop.

    more power!
    and down let ur readers down!!


  3. binondo hottie says:

    uupakan kita pag nakita ko ang picture ko dito.

  4. dahlin' says:

    sa true lang, wa wenta yung mga guys. as in very VERY ordinary looking…iba yata concept mo ng cutie..pero thanks na rin for the effort.

    saka you’ve given me an idea to blog….i will be starting a blog with a concept just like yours pero with a clearer photo and more daring shots, with cute guyss…no, make that certified cute guys!

  5. dahlin' says:

    @binondo hottie

    are you kidding? you should be “flattered” than annoyed, anoh!

    kc with that attitude, no matter how cute you are, it will show and it means..chaka!

  6. ... says:

    kung sa kanya gwapo ang mga guys na nakunan niya, then let’s respect him. Kanya kanya naman tayo ng standard ng kaguwapuhan. you cannot expect other people to fully like what you yourself like and vice versa. the owner of this blog just wants to express, in his own opinion, kung sino ang gwapo para sa kanya. we are not expected to like the guys that he likes. kahit ako iba ang standard ko sa kaguwapuhan. i may not agree with the author of this blog, but i will not judge him bcause of his preference.
    as for the quality of photos, siguro naman we all understand that not all “stolen shots” are of good quality, since patago nga kinunan.

  7. yakisoba says:

    obvious na obvious na bading ang may ari ng blog na to. pero naman! lahat sila di naman cute! sus. iba talga taste mo ate!

  8. blusoul says:

    nakikibasa lang kayo nagrereklamo pa!!!!! ano ba naman yan! yung isa naman, manggagaya pa! hehehe pinoy nga naman!!!! stop all these carping!! she/he owns this blow…if you don’t like what you see/read —then get outta here!!!! ok…back to regualr programming….

  9. hosto says:

    magaling… magaling… magaling!!!!
    ang saya saya!

  10. maldita says:

    anong nakikibasa? hoy blusoul! yung boyfriend ko pinictutran nya! palibasa wala ka rin boyfriend kaya nakikipista ka sa boyfriend ng may boyfriend! tanina mo! kung kialala lang kita patay ka na ngayon! kaya magingat ingat ka. baka mamaya sira na computer mo! i suggest bumili ka na ng anti virus biatch!

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