Cutie at Convergys

Posted: December 23, 2006 in Boys, Brains, Coffee, Makati

Cutie at ConvergysPogi Rating: 7/10

I saw this cutie guy while having my own warm cup of coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf last Monday. This guy was just so cute. There were a lot of cuties in the area as well but this one really caught my atenttion.

Before he came to the coffee shop, there were around 3 other guys there who were somewhat an eye-candy. I may be wrong but I even think one of the male baristas was too cute (I’ll post his pic here real soon.) And so, I was just looking at them and hoping I could take a picture of them discreetly.

Anyway, this guy came and stole the scene. He was chinito or perhaps chinese. I have this big thing for Chinese guys. Anyway, he was just so fine. He wasn’t like the other call center guys who frequented the place. I mean, no offense to call center people, but I saw this guy and I saw ambition. He was cute and he really looked corporate dandy. He looked clean and crisp with his jacket and I bet he smelled great, too (*** dirty thoughts***).

He’s so something to drool over as he flipped his latop, his phone, and flashed his killer smile. Too bad though he left in a hurry. I wasn’t able to get a better pic. Well, anyway, there were still other guys in the coffee shop, but none as good as this catch. I love yah!!!

  1. riza says:

    haha! i know this guy! hala ka! i will make kwento ur blog to him!

  2. Azzie says:

    Hahahahaha! Damn right he’s a cutie…

    here’s another pic of him—>

    He has a Masters degree from George Washington University (Washington D.C.) Not a call center agent

  3. JOJO says:

    He’s a good friend of mine. Would you like to meet him? That way you get a first hand account of how good looks and good breeding are all about. Let me know…

  4. rachel phung says:

    i like the way you talk about those sssssoooooooooooo called cute guys.
    i think that you an attractive female usally fall for good-looking guys!
    but it was strange to take a picture of guys you don’t know even through they were a hottie.(heart beating fast)

  5. reajoy says:

    hi you know your so cute…hope that mafren from davao..just text me at my no.09208564442

  6. torte says:

    kilala ko yang guy na yan… graduate ng ateneo de davao siya, batch 2001 yata

  7. princesslear says:

    ows!!! wow! my college classmate is now so famous back in his hometown… well, great going cutie guy… to be honest, ur really more cute now than before… hahahaha!!! peace po! musta na cute guy? when are you planning to visit davao again? hopefully, you could join us in our yearly reunion… take care kuya p****..

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